The Magic of the One Day Smile Solution

It’s difficult for us to imagine a time when people had no choices for dental restoration. We live in a time when just about anything is right at our fingertips all of the time. For most of human history, dental restoration existed purely through sticking dead animals’ teeth in there and hoping you could chew enough to survive! We’ve come so far in dental restoration technology and availability. Even so, not every dentist is able to provide all of of these possibilities. Sometimes it takes special training or financial investment. Here at New Albany Implants, we have taken those extra steps to provide you with the very best.

One of those options is the One Day Smile Solution for placing dental implants. Traditionally, a dentist would place one titanium post for every tooth in your mouth. Talk about painful! Only after all of those implants had a chance to heal would you receive teeth. Painful and slow are not our favorite words. Portuguese dentist, Dr. Malo, created a technique for more efficient implant placing, so we went to Portugal to learn his method!

Four Implants Per Jaw

Rather than placing an implant for every tooth, the One Day Smile Solution allows us to place just four implants per jaw. They must be strategically placed, which is where our Galileos CT Scan comes in so handy! We know exactly where to place the implants for a secure, permanent fit. Once the four implants are placed, we can place a cluster of crowns on each implant so you still have an uncompromised smile, but you got it with less time spent healing and less discomfort overall!

We have been investing in your smile for a long time. Are you ready to take advantage of all of the preparing we’ve been doing? Contact us today to set up your appointment. Come see what we have available for your smile! We can’t wait to see what you think!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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