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The Amazing Capabilities of Modern Cosmetic Dentists

The Amazing Capabilities of Modern Cosmetic DentistsThe American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry contends that nearly 100% of Americans think a good smile is important to a person’s social life. When you think about it, that claim seems to have considerable merit. It may not seem “right,” but it is more pleasant to look at someone with a bright white smile than a person with missing, crooked, or discolored teeth.

Today’s family dentists have more technological capabilities to bring you that bright white smile than ever. A couple of decades ago, there were few alternatives for missing teeth. The best option around was dental bridges. Even though bridges could look somewhat natural, and prevent adjacent teeth from leaning, they had a few significant disadvantages. They could be bulky, uncomfortable, and difficult to clean.

If a patient is looking to replace a missing tooth today, a good cosmetic dentist can offer mini dental implants, which look natural and can last a life time. When a patient decides on a dental implant, it is sometimes done by a general dentist and an oral surgeon, or there may be times when the full procedure is done by one dentist.

The dentist who implants the titanium post into the jaw bone will use the standard type of sedation dentists use for fillings or other invasive dentistry procedures. Once the post has been implanted, the dentists will place a realistic-looking porcelain crown atop the post. Over twelve weeks or so, the titanium will bond with the jaw bone, and often results in a replacement tooth that is stronger than the original one. Although there is a risk for infection, the success rate for mini dental implants is about 98%.

For patients who are missing several teeth, or who may be interested in dentures, full mouth dental implants are an option. Obviously, since it involves more teeth, the process of full dental implants will take longer, be more costly, and the sedation dentists use will be higher. However, the patient will end up with the equivalent of a new set of teeth that don’t have to be removed.

Humans begin to develop teeth while still in the womb; and keeping those teeth takes a lifetime commitment to regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. While keeping their natural teeth is everyone’s goal, it’s still good to know that it’s possible to get a second chance at a perfect smile.