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Stability for Lower Dentures

The nature of dentures is generally unstable. Unfortunately, a lot of denture-wearers out there accept this as the norm. Those who don’t accept unstable dentures might look into other options and come across dental implants. One look at the price tag is enough to turn some of those patients, who are seeking a better solution, away. We have fantastic financing options, but that might not be enough. So what can we do to make this situation better? New Albany Implants has the solution for you!

If we can’t replace dentures, we can make them more secure. We do this using mini-implants. Mini implants are like dental implants, but they are smaller. They are used for patients who have low bone density, or for patients who just need a little bit of extra security for their dentures.

Dentures fit over your gums with a nice, tight fit that should stay in place throughout the day. Adhesives can help keep dentures secure, but they don’t always do the trick, especially on the lower jaw. The lower jaw is actually the only part of your mouth that moves up and down when you speak or eat. It only makes sense that this half of your dentures would become less secure than the top. If we can keep your lower denture from moving, we can greatly increase your functionality.

A Vast Improvement

Mini implants will be secured into your lower jaw. The implants will have a little ball right on top that will extend past your gum line. We then fit your dentures with metal housings that snap onto the ball of the implant. Your dentures will snap right into your mouth for a secure, stable fit. You’ll be amazed at the vast improvement from this one little fix! It’s not our most secure solution, but it gets the job done!

You might be wondering if this solution is also available for the top dentures. Unfortunately, we have found that securing the top denture is not a procedure we would recommend to our family and friends, so we don’t recommend it to you! However, if you’d like to know more about getting a better fit for your lower dentures, contact us today! We would love to answer any questions or set you up for a consultation! We look forward to giving you a more secure tomorrow!