Protect Your Natural Teeth

Nothing is stronger, more efficient, or better for you than your healthy, natural teeth. You get the greatest bite force and the more comfortable feel when you maintain a healthy smile. There are times when your teeth become unhealthy, and those events lead to dental intervention, but not all intervention is equal. Some procedures allow you to maintain your natural teeth, and some don’t. Let’s take a look at one procedure that is best for your entire mouth.

Once a tooth is no longer healthy, it needs to be removed. You’ll then need restoration work to replace the missing tooth. Restorations like bridges require you to remove healthy tooth enamel from surrounding teeth, which can lead to other dental issues like sensitive teeth. A better solution is a dental implant. Through this procedure, you will replace the missing tooth without damaging the surrounding teeth.

Actually, It’s Better For Your Entire Mouth

A dental implant restoration is better for your entire mouth. The implant goes directly into the jaw bone which allows your jaw to maintain its function and look. A bridge, on the other hand, allows the jaw bone to begin losing mass. It also requires adjacent teeth to lose enamel in order to hold crowns to support the bridge, which can lead to teeth sensitivity. All in all, the implant will hold better, last longer, be more effective, and feel more comfortable than any other restoration available.

If you can’t keep your natural teeth, go with the next best thing: dental implants! We promise that you won’t be disappointed! The best part is that you can always fall back on Dr. Ron’s 10 year warranty! He guarantees his implants, and that’s something you can count on! Contact us today to set up an appointment or just to learn more. We look forward to discussing your smile with you!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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