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No Hidden Fees

Deciding to invest in a new smile is absolutely one of the best decisions you can make! Your confidence is worth the money, and there is just no price you can put on happiness. Happiness comes when you can enjoy your family along with the food your son or daughter worked so hard to prepare! Happiness is going to a grandchild’s birthday party, and eating whatever that grandchild puts on your plate! Happiness is feeling confident when you smile with your niece or nephew in pictures on graduation day! We want to help you feel confident and happy, and we want you to feel good about investing the money!

Other Offices

Some offices will downright hide fees from you. We don’t operate that way. We want you to know your options, and the price tag for each option, so that you can make the best decision for your life. We make everything clear upfront so that you never have any doubt of what you’re getting into. When you ask anyone on staff about pricing, they will get you the answer you are looking for! There’s no need to keep it a secret!

Some offices don’t intend to hide extra costs from you, but the extra costs just show up. Take, for example, images. If you need to have images taken before you can get your dental work done, you will usually have to go to the hospital for those images. You’re looking at extra gas money, hospital bills, etc. We don’t have any of those unintended extra costs, because we can take care of you in our office. We even have our own CT machine for imaging!

We’re Happy to Discuss It With You

Cost is something that a lot of dentists don’t want to discuss, but we want to have the discussion with you. We want you to feel great about your decision to see us, and we know that being upfront and honest is the first way to help you feel great. You can even check out our webpage titled, “How Much Does it Cost?” to get a ballpark figure before you decide to contact us! We genuinely look forward to meeting with you soon!