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Loss of Bone? No Problem!

There are a lot of aspects about aging that people failed to mention along the way. Weakened bones is one, for sure. When it comes to the bones in your mouth, things can get dicey pretty quickly because without ample bone, you might not be able to get the dental restoration you want without getting bone grafts. At New Albany Implants, we are able to help with our use of mini dental implants. We can often place implants when no one else can!

When you lose a tooth, the bone begins to lose mass. If you’ve waited to get a restoration, or maybe have a restoration that doesn’t stimulate your bone, your bone might be getting pretty thin. We cannot place a full dental implant in an area of thin bone because it will not hold as well in your mouth. Instead, we need to either do a bone graft (which can mean months of recovery), or we can try something different.

Mini-Implants Save You From Bone Grafts

A mini-implant will save you from bone grafts because we can place a mini implant even when your bone is thin. The mini-implant is considerably more narrow than a traditional implant, which allows us to safely place it in your jawbone without worry that we will cause damage or that the implant won’t hold. Once the mini-implant bonds with your bone through osseointegration, it can support a permanent restoration just as well as a full dental implant.

We are always trying to find ways to give you the dental work you need, even if everyone else turns you down. Advances in implant dentistry make getting implants easier and easier. Contact us today if you have a tooth you’d like to restore with a dental implant. We’ll take some images and let you know what’s available to you in one appointment! We can’t wait to help you get a stunning smile!