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How This New Google Glass App Simplifies Dental Implant Surgery

cosmetic dental surgeryA new app for Google Glass may change the way dental implant clinics perform procedures.

Avinent Glass was born as a partnership between Avinent (an RandD firm in Barcelona, Spain) and Droiders, a software development company. The app assists and guides surgeons through each step of their dental implants procedure using a heads-up display, voice commands and implant-specific QR codes.

Dental implants are placed into the bone sockets of the missing teeth. The jawbone heals around them over the six to 12 weeks following the surgery, anchoring them in place. Implants serve as replacement for the roots of missing teeth and are generally made of titanium. They’re highly successful, look and feel like real teeth, and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Prior to implant placement, Avinent marks each implant with a specific QR code that the app can use to identify the implant. This allows the app to input the characteristics of the implant, including length, type, diameter and even expiration date.

Once the implant is properly identified, Avinent prompts the surgeon through each step of the cosmetic dental surgery in real time, even indicating which tools should be used and where they’re located.

The app should be especially useful for cosmetic dental surgery like placing mini dental implants for dentures and the One Day Smile Solution, which both require multiple implants to be set in precise locations in one procedure.

The app is capable of recording cosmetic dental surgery using pictures or video and enables remote viewing on the internet, making it a powerful tool for training other dentists and surgeons.

The hands-free design makes it easier for surgeons who may need to advance to the next step or page without touching a screen or a button. All dentists have to do is say “next” out loud and the app does the rest.

Avinent Glass is the first Google Glass app designed specifically for dental implants. Several surgeons are currently testing the app, which is targeted specifically at the dental sector though a similar app being developed by Droiders may benefit medical surgeons as well.

Avinent Glass should be available for Google Glass later in the year. It’s not known yet whether the app will increase dental implant costs.