Four Levels of Sedation

New Albany Implants is a truly unique experience for those in Southern Indiana because we are one of a kind! We are the only dental office in the area that offers all four levels of sedation. This means that we can help anyone suffering from dental anxiety or phobia by providing the care that they need in the way they need it. We put together a list of the four levels of sedation and how they might benefit you or someone you know.

Level 1: Inhaled Sedation
The most common form of sedation: nitrous oxide gas. Using a facial mask, you can inhale nitrous oxide gas to help you relax during a dental procedure. This is great for simple, quick procedures like cleanings. It’s also great for people with a slight case of dental anxiety.

Level 2: Oral Sedation
Oral sedation is a pill that can be taken about an hour before the procedure. The sedation will make you feel drowsy and relaxed, but you are still able to communicate during the procedure. This is great for patients with more moderate dental anxiety.

Level 3: IV Sedation
IV sedation allows us to control the level of sedation you feel. We can keep the medication light or make it heavier, depending on how you feel during the procedure. This method is best for patients with severe dental anxiety or phobia.

Level 4: Sleep Sedation

Using IV sedation, we will actually put you to sleep for the length of your dental procedure. This is the deepest form of sedation and is reserved for patients with severe dental phobia or those undergoing a complicated procedure. We are the only dental office in Southern Indiana trained to offer sleep sedation in our office.

We can help you determine which sedation technique is best for you during your initial visit. Sedation dentistry is the only way some of our patients are able to get their dental work done, and we are well-versed in the best ways to use it. Contact us today to set up your appointment. Don’t let fear stand in the way between you and a healthier smile.

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