Dentures Don’t Work

Many of our patients come to us with new knowledge, but it’s knowledge that we’ve known for a long time: dentures don’t work. Sure, they’ll sit in your mouth and look better than nothing, but the dentures themselves just aren’t a great solution for restoring your smile. In fact, some dentists believe that dentures should be an absolute last resort as a means to restoring your smile. That might come as a shock to you since it seems like dentures are just an everyday norm in our society. There is a much better, healthier way to restore your smile: dental implants.

Dentures have several problems. First and foremost, they are uncomfortable. They slide around in your mouth, and adhesives are just goopy globs added to the discomfort. All of this causes you, the wearer, to feel uncomfortable. You’re afraid the dentures are going to come out, or your gums are so sore you can barely chew, but you can’t chew anyway because of the dentures.

A More Serious Consequence

Dentures can actually lower your bite’s strength by 80%! That’s 250 pounds per square inch to 50 p.s.i.! It’s not wonder you can’t eat the foods you love! The strength of your bite has literally dropped to 20% of what it used to be! Research shows that this often leads to nutritional deficiencies in denture wearers. In fact, Dr. Mayo (of the Mayo Clinic) estimates that denture wearers lose 10 years of their life span. That’s not ok with us!

The One Day Smile Solution

The solution to dentures is dental implants. Dental implants replace your natural teeth with crowns secured directly into your jaw bone using titanium screws. These prosthetic teeth will allow you to eat, speak, and live just like you always have. Some dentists would do a dental implant for every tooth, but Dr. Ron studied abroad to find an even better solution. The One Day Smile Solution is a revolutionary new way to place dentures using only four dental implants (as opposed to one implant per tooth). This lowers the cost, pain, recovery time, and hassle so you can have your new smile as soon as possible!

Dentures simply don’t work. There’s no way around it. If you want to be satisfied with your smile for the rest of your life, contact us today. Let us show you what long term restoration looks like for you! We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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