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Athletes Prefer Durable Dental Implants

cosmetic dental implants
What are cosmetic dental implants? What is a mini dental implant? More patients are asking these questions, and with good reason. Dental implants, or titanium alloy tooth replacement options, have been wildly successful, with a 98% take rate. Three million Americans already have them, and 500,000 more get cosmetic dental implants every year. Find out if you are a good candidate for this exciting new cosmetic dental treatment.

A Growing Demand Among Athletes
“It is estimated that over 3 million teeth are knocked out (avulsed) every year,” according to The Colorado Orthopedics Institute. Of course, athletic trauma or athletic injury is one of the leading causes — and adults make up a considerable number of these athletes with newly missing teeth. Talk to a local dentist about the best option for you. The strong titanium implant device, anchored directly into the jaw, is often preferable for serious athletes.

A Better Option Than Dentures
Are you considering dentures? Do you already have them? Dentures or more traditional bridges, while often viewed as necessary, aren’t ideal. “Just a few years ago, if you lost a front tooth, your dentist would recommend grinding the two adjacent teeth down to nubs and using them as anchors for a three-tooth bridge, thereby sacrificing two healthy teeth to replace one,” Angie’s List explains. Choosing implants will spare the surrounding teeth. If you already have dentures, it may be worth converting to dental implants — or using mini dental implants to secure dentures that are currently in place. One of the top complaints about dentures is that they slip, slide, and generally do not stay put; implants will fix that.

When To Wait
Children and teens aren’t the best candidates for the dental procedure. (In fact, most dentists will advise these patients to wait, if they truly want them.) In young children and adolescents, the jawbone may continue to grow and develop — and that can interfere with the dental implant process.

Who are the best candidates for dental implants? Hardy cosmetic dental implants are a great option for young adult and adult athletes who have lost a tooth (or teeth) owing to sport-related trauma; similarly, the procedure is a great option for those who aren’t particularly fond of their dentures or those who want to avoid getting dentures in the first place.