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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Your Dental Care Personality: Who Are You?

At New Albany Implants we see a lot of customers who all have different needs for their dental care. We focus in the restoration of lost teeth but that doesn’t mean it’s all we do! We offer a wide variety of dental care services, all designed to get you the exact smile you’ve always wanted.

In our time caring for patients in New Albany and the rest of Southern Indiana we’ve come to realize something important about getting you the care you need: there are just a few basic kinds of patients who we see all the time. Some of these patients want to know how their dental care will affect their lives, and others just want to know the technical details of their care. We’ve created care systems designed to appeal to all of our patients!

Read on to see which kind of patient you are and how we can help you!

How Will My Care Make Life Better?

If you find yourself approaching your dental care needs from a life improvement perspective then you’re probably our first type: the Mary. Mary is the kind of patient who doesn’t care how much the service is going to cost, or how long it’s going to take: she wants to make her life better, and that’s how she’s going to make her decision.

Mary has a lot of questions for the dentist about how her experience will be once the procedure and healing is finished: what will I be able to eat, will it be easy to care for, and will this look natural are all questions Mary tends to ask. She’s going to make the decision to get the best care she can because it’s going to make her happy.

We also tend to see a higher amount of anxiety in Mary. She might be scared of the dentist due to fear or a bad experience in the past. This is might be keeping her from getting the care she wants because the fear is overwhelming – Mary is the exact patients we created our dental sedation system for.

She wants one thing more than anything else: a great smile she can be proud of and live comfortably with. We make that possible by managing her fear with dental sedation that can be as simple as a relaxing pill or as heavy duty as general anesthesia. If you think you’re a Mary we want you to be happy with the choice you make!

Give Me The Details, Doc.

Matt is our second kind of patient. He’s the kind of guy who needs to know everything about his care before he decides to go through with it, and for many a Matt the costs and timetable are very important. Matt is the kind of patient that helped us create our treatment planning system. We proudly review every step of your treatment with you and include every single cost, itemized, for you before you decide.

We’re glad to work up multiple treatment plans that include different options, solutions, and costs for you. All of those treatments are gone over in fine detail with you. You’ll be able to ask every single question you need, get all of the details, and understand why each procedure we recommend is a good choice for your particular needs. Every patient is different, and so is every procedure: no one knows that better than Matt!

We know that all our Matt patients need details from start to finish and we gladly offer those to all our patients. We don’t want any part of your treatment to be a surprise when it comes time to pay your bill!

What’s The Best Choice For Me?

Most of our patients fit into this last category – they want the best care they can get that isn’t going to completely break the bank. We always offer all of the Matt and Mary systems for these last types of patients, who we’ll call our Melissas. Melissa-type patients can also greatly benefit from our dental implant roadmap appointments.

Our roadmap appointments are designed to explore the part of care that matters most for Melissas: options. We’ll walk you through each and every part of our services and recommend multiple different treatment paths that you can make the ultimate decision on. We want to put your best dental care in front of you and give you ultimate control!

No Matter Your Type We Want To Help!

We’ve built our dental practice around giving you the care you need explained to you and performed exactly how you want it. No matter what we can do to make your experience better we’ll try! To discover everything we have available call us today at (812) 945-7645 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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