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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Why Dental Implants Are Becoming The Preferred Tooth Replacement Solution

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What are dental implants? Dental implants are a relatively new tooth replacement option. They are typically made out of titanium or a titanium alloy, and they take root and fuse with patients’ jaws, ultimately looking and feeling much like natural teeth. Dental implants are sweeping through the U.S. — 3 million Americans already have them, and that number increases by an average of 500,000 every year. What’s all the fuss about? Who can and cannot get them?

If Dentures And Bridges Aren’t Working For You, Try Dental Implants
Even with the best dentistry, traditional dentures and bridges come with their fair share of problems. They can slip and scrape against users’ mouths. Food particles can get trapped between bridges and patients’ gum line, causing serious irritation and infection. Most snap-on dentures latch onto surrounding teeth with metal wires, and these metal wires can permanently damage natural teeth. There is a better way. Ask cosmetic and family dentists about all available tooth procedures. If traditional dentures are causing you discomfort or harm, implants may be the way to go.

“I Have Diabetes, So I Can’t Get Dental Implants.”
While some have expressed concerns about this, new research shows this may not be entirely true. “The problem we have with diabetes is it affects wound healing — it affects the patient’s ability to fight infections, so there’s been a lot of concern about using implants in these patients,” University of Texas Researcher Dr. Tom Oates explains. While such concerns are based in science and fact, the new study demonstrates that — in spite of these predictions — implants healed surprisingly well among diabetic patients. In a study of over 200 patients, only two had any difficulties with their implants fully healing.

What constitutes the best dentistry changes over the years — and, while dentures may have seemed like a great option years ago, modern dentists can do better. If your bridges are uncomfortable, you can get implants. New research shows they may be safe for more patients than previously thought, including diabetic patients.

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