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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

What are Snap-On Teeth?

Snap-on teeth are removable porcelain veneers that you can wear over your front teeth. As the name implies, snap-on teeth work by “snapping on” to the front and back teeth. Snap-ons are designed after models of your natural teeth, but a few adjustments are made so the final result makes your teeth whiter and conceals shape and alignment problems.

Snap-on teeth are cosmetic coverings; they are not replacements for missing teeth. This means that snap-ons do not function like regular teeth. You can eat soft foods like mashed potatoes and ice cream, but you must take out your snap-ons for cleaning. Wearing snap-on teeth is quick and convenient; they easily come on and off with a simple tug. If cared for properly, snap-ons can also last several years. Other advantages:

Snap-on teeth are relatively low maintenance. They can be cleaned and cared for like ordinary removable dentures. You can use mild toothpaste, mild soap, denture cleaners and a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Snap-on teeth are cost-effective. Snap-on teeth cost a fraction of what a full set of veneers and dental implants usually cost—perfect if you want a great smile without denting your bank account.

Snap-on teeth are non-invasive. No need to go through costly and invasive procedures to fix missing or unattractive teeth. Getting removable dentures means that you need to have your remaining teeth extracted, while dental crowns require filing down perfectly healthy teeth.

Snap-on teeth are great for special occasions. You can wear snap-on teeth if you’re going to an important appointment like a job interview or a client meeting. A flawless smile makes you feel more confident and helps you make great first impressions. Snap-on teeth are also great when you’re going to have your picture taken for weddings, beauty pageants, office parties and other important events. Snap-on teeth can encourage you to smile for the cameras without feeling self-conscious.

Dr. Ron Receveur is one of the few dentists in the country offering snap-on or removable teeth. To learn more about this exciting cosmetic solution, call us at (812) 945-7645 or use our e-mail form.

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