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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Three Questions You Might Want to Ask a Dentist

You’ve probably been visiting the dentist since you were a child, for things like routine cleanings, maybe having a cavity filled now and again. You may have also made trips to the orthodontist for braces as a teen, too. Regularly seeing your dentist as an adult, however, opens up a whole host of other opportunities for fixing up your smile — stuff you’ve likely heard about but don’t exactly understand. If you’ve ever had concerns, chances are so have we. That’s why we put together this list of three common questions you might want to ask a dentist before opting for your next procedure. Read on and learn a thing or two:

I’ve heard of IV sedation for dental work. What’s that all about?
A lot of people tend to get a bit anxious when they step into a dentist’s office. That’s why experts developed a method of calming you down as you endure the poking and prodding that every session in the dental chair requires. This isn’t anesthesia we’re talking about, but an intravenous (IV) injection of some kind of sedative in order to put you into a relaxed state while you undergo your procedure, whatever it may be. You’ll want to ask a dentist about his or her practice’s sedation techniques before you say you want it. What’s the cost? Since some IV sedation can be covered by insurance, it’s worth checking the specifics of your plan before you decide one way or the other.

What exactly are snap-on teeth supposed to do?
When it comes to all of the different cosmetic dentistry procedures, snap-on teeth are a bit of a quick fix. They’re essentially a row of removable, resin-based prosthetic teeth that fit comfortably over your current smile by “snapping” into place. Snap-on teeth won’t help improve the functionality of your teeth by any wide margin, but they’re a great tool to boost both the color and the shape of your smile. What’s the cost? You can pick up some lower-quality snap-on attachments for pretty cheap, but a professional job will set you back for about the same cost as a pair of dental veneers.

How about full mouth dental implants instead?
Now you’re talking. Snap-on teeth are great for a good boost of confidence, but they’re certainly no replacement for major cosmetic dental work. Dental implants, on the other hand, can give you a better-looking smile in addition to providing you with a set of chompers that actually chomp. Because they fit deep into your jawbone and connect all the way up to the surface of your smile, these implants are locked in place for good — and when they’re embedded correctly, they have a 98% success rate. That makes them good for life. What’s the cost? Of course, quality cosmetic dental work comes at a higher cost. You can expect to dish out a few hundred dollars (or maybe even a thousand) for each implant.

Note: Articles you find on the web can’t be any replacement for real, in-person interactions with your dentist. If you’re seriously considering any of the above options, or any other kind of serious dental work for that matter, always get in contact with an expert. Ask a dentist about any worries or concerns you have before you opt for a procedure.

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