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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

The Advantages of Having Dental Implants

Our New Albany dental office works daily to educate patients about the importance of keeping their natural teeth healthy. In addition to providing preventive care, we also see patients who have lost all of their natural teeth and need a replacement option.

Living without your natural teeth can be hazardous for several reasons. Missing teeth can damage your smile; reshape your facial features; make it difficult to eat the food you love; and actually shave years off of your life.

That’s right, recent studies have shown that denture-wearers live an average of 10 years less than people with natural teeth or dental implants. The reason is because dentures cannot replicate your natural chewing force, and as a result, make it difficult for you to get the nutrition you need.

Let’s explore the advantages of dental implants.

– Dental implants can bring back about 90 percent of your chewing ability, making it possible to eat the food you love. You will not find this type of chewing force with removable dentures.

– Dental implants are restored with porcelain crowns that are durable and natural-looking. You’ve probably seen dentures that simply are not natural-looking.

– Dental implants can preserve your jawbone. Unlike dentures, dental implants can preserve your jawbone. When you lose teeth, your jawbone loses its function and begins to deteriorate. Our implants are made from titanium and naturally fuse to your jawbone. Once the implant has properly fused to your bone, we place a permanent restoration.

– Dental implants might not be as costly as you think. Removable dentures are certainly less expensive than dental implants, but removable dentures often change shapes or break. Constantly repairing your dentures can be very costly. Dental implants are stable and do not change shapes in your mouth.

– Once your implants are placed, you can treat them just like your regular teeth. There’s no special cleaning regimen.

If you have missing teeth, dental implants can restore your smile. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Receveur.

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