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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Sustain Your New Smile: Tips for Permanent Denture Care

New dentures can feel as if you just earned a new smile overnight. Although these prosthetics look bright and beautiful, you cannot expect them to look like that for very long without proper care. As dentures are made to closely resemble natural teeth, they require the approximate amount of care.

What are the proper ways of caring for removable or permanent dentures?

  • It is ideal to make sure you get well-made dentures that fit your gums perfectly. In case you may have an underlying medical condition that causes bone loss or receding gums, buy dental adhesive or denture liners as a precaution.
  • For removable dentures, you can clean them after each meal by taking them off and rinsing them with lukewarm water. If you want cleaner dentures, you can use mouthwash instead. Another alternative is soaking them in dental cleansers.
  • As an added precaution, use gloves when handling false teeth. You should do this especially if you are cleaning someone else’s removable dentures. Make sure dentures are removed every night to allow the gums to rest.
  • When eating using dentures, chew slowly and take small bites. Carefully follow any dietary regimen your doctor or dentist might prescribe. Although your dentures are new, the condition of your bone and gums similarly dictate the kinds of food you can eat.
  • Do not overwork new false teeth. Your mouth will need some time to get used to them. It is advisable to keep use to a minimum and having a soft diet for the first few days. Ask your dentist when you can begin eating normally instead of deciding for yourself.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush when cleaning your dentures. Much like natural teeth, dentures acquire plaque if you do not clean them frequently and properly. Don’t forget to clean your mouth and gums before wearing your dentures again.

Food particles and bacteria accumulate inside dentures when they are not cleaned properly. The adverse results can range from plaque to gum disease.

Acquiring new dentures is no excuse to fall behind on oral hygiene. Without improving your dental habits, you risk damaging your new and improved smile. Help your dentures and yourself by switching to a teeth-friendly lifestyle. It is as simple as habitual cleaning and regular visits to your dentist.

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