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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Straight Talk on Dental Implants Maintenance

Just because dental implants aren’t your real teeth, doesn’t mean they don’t need regular cleaning. Keep in mind that they can still develop stains, tartar, and bacteria if you don’t maintain them. If your implants are plagued with plaque, it may lead to problems, such as infection and irritation. Prevent these dental issues by taking care of your implants.

    • Home Care
      Daily brushing and flossing are important for your implants’ longevity. Many supplemental products allow you to clean the implants properly. Choose a good quality electric toothbrush. When brushing, reach the point where the crown goes under the gum. Floss your implants twice a week to keep it bacteria-free.


    • Toothpastes
      Abrasive cleaning solutions and harsh whitening pastes may remove the glaze on the porcelain and create wear on acrylic. Avoid toothpastes with harsh ingredients, like baking soda. Use fluoride toothpaste, as it doesn’t damage implants. Choose products wisely and consult us before buying a specific toothpaste brand to avoid costly repairs on damaged implants.


    • Oral Irrigation Systems
      Recent studies show that oral irrigation is effective in reducing plaque accumulation around implants and natural teeth. Have regular check-ups so we can assess the health of your permanent dentures. If needed, we may also recommend that you use a special mouth rinse.


  • Avoid Do-It-Yourself Repairs
    Your dental implants need periodic cleanings to ensure health and avoid gum problems. Avoid doing repairs at home as this will likely cause damage. Repairing a cracked implant with glue is a bad idea, as it contains harsh chemicals unsuitable for the mouth.

Never miss your regular check-ups and professional cleaning schedule to prevent gum problems and infections. See us immediately if you experience discomfort with your implants. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ron to know if dental implants are for you.

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