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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Secure Your New Teeth With Four Implants

Losing your teeth affects you in a lot of ways. You may feel less inclined to share your smile. You may be embarrassed if you aren’t able to pronounce words normally. Many patients also tell us they feel frustrated when they can’t eat their favorite foods.

At our New Albany, IN dental office, we appreciate that we can make a positive difference in the lives of so many patients. The All-On-4™® procedure is one of the ways that we are able to do that. With All-On-4™, you can secure a dental bridge, so you can have new teeth that look and feel like the real thing.

Today, we want to explain why this option could be right for you or someone you care about. To learn more, schedule a consultation at New Albany Implants by calling 888-469-3982.

Recreate Your Complete Smile

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, we understand, and we want to restore more than your teeth. We want to rebuild your confidence and quality of life as well.

Over the years, patients have told us about multiple ways missing teeth have become an obstacle for them. People have skipped social events, avoided applying for a job, and turned down romantic opportunities because of their teeth.

Thankfully, we’ve also heard several of these stories from our patients who have benefitted from the All-On-4™ procedure. These are patients who are living their lives, enjoying their new jobs, and meeting new people with confidence.

How It Works

With All-On-4™ dental implants, you only need four implants to secure a dental bridge. How the implants are placed makes a big difference in how secure your new teeth function. To make sure we get this right, we use 3-D imaging technology to assess the condition of your jaw.

On the day of your appointment, your comfort will be one of our top priorities. As one of the few offices licensed to offer IV sedation, we can give your assurance that you will remain relaxed and pain-free throughout your procedure.

As you recover, your biting power will get stronger. In a short time, you’ll be able to eat the same foods that you could when you have a full set of healthy teeth. To ensure the quality of your new teeth, we make them at our in-house dental lab.

Take Advantage Of Expert Care

Dr. Ron has devoted his career to providing the best treatments for our patients. That includes getting trained in the best practices in modern dentistry, like All-On-4™. In fact, he has studied personally with the innovator of the All-On-4™ technique, Dr. Paulo Malo at the Malo Institute in Portugal.

Dr. Ron has been placing implants for decades, and he has placed 500 implants annually for several years. He also has a 98+ percent success rate with his placements, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on every implant placed at our office.

Rejuvenate your smile and your oral health with new teeth at our New Albany, IN office. Contact us online or call 888-469-3982 now to request an appointment soon.

The All-On-4™® treatment concept is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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