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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Save Your Smile By Skipping The Bone Graft

You may have already talked to a dentist about how to replace your missing teeth. After all, getting dental implants is a big decision.

It’s possible that you have seen in your research or you’ve been told that you need a bone graft before you can get implants. If so, then you definitely need to talk to Dr. Ron Receveur at New Albany Implants. Our graftless implants can help you restore your smile and your bite in less time.

Don’t spend money on a procedure you may not need. Come to our office in New Albany, IN to get your new smile sooner. Call 888-469-3982 for a consultation.

What Do You Want From Your New Teeth?

When you get your new smile, you want it to look natural and feel strong and stable.  Your new teeth should allow you to:

  • Smile with confidence
  • Speak naturally
  • Eat the foods that you love

Dentures aren’t really enough to replace your lost teeth. Over time, it’s almost inevitable that dentures will become looser. As that happens, you may struggle to eat food that you enjoy. You also may find that speaking is harder when your dentures slide around.

By securing your new teeth with implants, you can restore more than just your smile. You can keep your teeth securely in place.  As a result, you are able to bite and chew anything you would like to put on your plate.

You Don’t Need A Bone Graft

Many dentists will recommend a bone graft if they don’t believe you have sufficient bone to support implants. But Dr. Ron isn’t like most dentists. He’s learned from some of the most renowned and well-respected implantologists in the world. He’s learned advanced techniques, and he has the skills to place implants when other doctors can’t.

On top of that, he’s streamlined the implant replacement process. At New Albany Implants, you can get your implants and your new teeth on the same day. You don’t need a bone graft here. You don’t need an extra procedure or additional time to recuperate before you can enjoy your new smile with our One Day Smile Solution

Start Smiling Again

Dr. Ron and the rest of our team in New Albany, IN want to restore your self-confidence along with your smile.

Don’t wait longer than you should to replace your lost teeth. Call 888-469-3982 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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