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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Save Time While Saving Your Smile, Too

It would be wonderful if things could last forever, but they don’t.

Take car tires for instance. Over time, they experience a lot of wear and tear, and they need to be replaced so your car can perform its best and for your safety.

Now imagine going to a mechanic and being told that in order to replace your tires, you first have to reinforce the axle. Once you’ve done that, then you can get new tires. You would probably choose to go to the mechanic who would replace your tires without the extra time and expense of an unnecessary axle reinforcement, wouldn’t you?

At our New Albany, IN dental office, we consider your teeth to be more important than any tires.  We also don’t want you to endure any unnecessary work if you do need to replace teeth.

So, we are happy to say that we can replace your missing teeth without a bone graft in a vast majority of cases.

You may be wondering what a bone graft is. We’ll explain that below. We also think you will agree that it’s better to avoid one, too.

Dr. Ron Receveur has trained with some of the world’s leading teeth replacement experts. It’s also why we feel confident that you can have natural-looking and natural-feeling replacement teeth — no bone grafts required!

Call (812) 945-7645 today to schedule your consultation at New Albany Implants, and find out how you can get your new teeth faster.

What Happens When You Lose Your Teeth

Tooth loss affects millions of people across the country every year. It happens for a number of reasons, but why it happens isn’t as important to us as how your problem is fixed.

When you lose teeth, it affects much more than your smile. Your teeth affect how you pronounce words and how you speak. Healthy teeth let you eat all the foods that you love, too.

But something else is happening when you lose teeth that you may not notice directly. You are losing bone in your jaw.

When you have a full set of teeth, your teeth — more specifically, the roots of your teeth — have an important relationship with your jaw. Your teeth are anchored in your jaw. This keeps them stable and strong so you can bite and chew the food that you eat.

When you bite and chew, you are helping your jaw as well. With each bite, your roots push on your jawbone. Your jaw responds to that pressure by making new bone tissue. This keeps your jaw healthy because the new tissue replaces old tissue that is lost naturally through a process called resorption.

Without new tissue, your jaw will get smaller. And without roots or implants to replace them, your jawbone won’t feel the pressure it needs to replace old tissue.

Why Some Dentists Do Bone Grafts

Patients who have been without teeth for an extended time or who only had traditional dentures may be missing a significant amount of bone in their jaws.

If those patients later decide to get implants, many dentists first thought is to recommend a bone graft. Essentially, this is a bone tissue transplant. This tissue can be placed in your mouth next to the remaining bone in your jaw.

As you heal, the transplanted tissue will fuse with your existing jawbone to make it stronger. This may take several months, which means you have to wait that much longer to get dental implants.

Of course, this procedure isn’t free, which adds to the cost as well.

We Can Help Your Avoid A Bone Graft

When someone comes to New Albany Implants, we know they want the best teeth replacements they can get, and they would prefer to have their new teeth as soon as possible.

As we noted above, Dr. Ron has learned firsthand from internationally-recognized experts in implantology, like Dr. Paulo Malo, innovator of the All-On-4™ implant placement technique.

As a result of decades of training and experience, Dr. Ron has developed his own implant procedure — The One-Day Smile Solution™!

This eliminates the need for a bone graft for most patients. And as the name suggests, you can get your implants and your new teeth in the same day!

You save the time and the expense of having an extra procedure. Plus, you can leave our office with a great new smile in a single visit!

You shouldn’t spend any more time or money than necessary to restore your smile. Call (812) 945-7645 or contact us online today! Schedule a consultation to learn how you could have a new, natural-looking, and strong set of teeth sooner!


The All-On-4™® treatment concept is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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