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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Restore Your Chewing Ability With the One Day Smile Solution

Maybe you’ve struggled with eating the foods you love for years. Or maybe it’s a recent development in your oral health. Whatever the case, we see patients all the time who are struggling with tooth loss and tired of wearing dentures.

As you probably know, dentures can often be uncomfortable, ill-fitting and unnatural-looking. If you wear dentures, you’re well aware of the restrictions and probably afraid or embarrassed to eat a variety of great foods in public – or even in the privacy of your own home.

At New Albany Implants, we provide solutions for patients suffering from rampant tooth loss. By using the One Day Smile Solution, we can replace entire arches of teeth with just four dental implants. This solution restores your chewing ability and gives you a beautiful smile in the process.

Once we have placed your One Day Smile Solution, the implants require minimal special care. You don’t have to remove them every night; in fact, you don’t have to remove them at all. These dental implants are permanent and can only be removed by our office. Our patients love this feature of the One Day Smile Solution, as most of them have spent years – or even decades – popping their dentures in and out on a daily basis.

The One Day Smile Solution is more expensive than dentures; however, we ask you to assess the benefits before looking directly at the cost. These implants are permanent; they restore your chewing ability; they preserve your jawbone and facial structure; they allow you to eat the food you love; and they look natural.

There’s also another benefit of dental implants: they can add years to your life. Studies have shown that people with dentures do not receive the proper nutrition they need, and as result, have a lower life expectancy of five to 10 years. Five to 10 years! That’s a lot of time to forfeit, and we ask that you make that decision by assessing more than just the cost.

If you’re living with uncomfortable dentures and want a change, call us today and schedule an appointment.

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