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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Psychological Benefits of Dental Implants

After years of providing clients with affordable dental implants, we have become quite familiar with the associated benefits. We’d like to think our patients do not only gain a fantastic set of teeth but a new lease on life.

We have discovered many other psychological benefits related to the process of restoring the patients’ pearly whites. Here are only some of them:

Added Self-Confidence

Imagine having to smile with a mouth full of missing and broken teeth, it certainly isn’t pretty. Patients come to us not only to recover certain functions, but also to get their lives back. Living day to day with lowered self-esteem is no way to experience life. Many of our clients report feeling uplifted and happy just from being able to smile without fear of judgment or scrutiny. A beautiful set of teeth restores their sense of being part of the population, not just as individuals deserving pity, but admiration.

Minimizing Embarrassment

Many of our elderly patients experience feelings of shame linked to replacing and cleaning their dentures in public. During special occasions, the process can be rather time-consuming and serves as a hassle, both physically and emotionally. Our permanent denture procedure allows clients to avoid the annoyance associated with removing dentures. They may attend parties and converse with others, steering clear of the need to head to the bathroom to fix their teeth on a regular basis.

Increasing Satisfaction

Clients who have received permanent and temporary dentures experience general feelings of satisfaction overall. They get to enjoy the regular compliments that come with great teeth, and also get to experience other aspects of life. Many of our patients can now go back to eating foods they love. These simple joys, like smiling freely in pictures and laughing out loud, are the things that make life worth living.

We definitely do not discount the various physical benefits connected to removable dentures. Still, however appealing they might be, we agree with most of our clients that it is the psychological benefits that outshine the aesthetic purposes.

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