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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Proper Care and Maintenance after Dental Implants

Not everyone receives the benefit of a perfect smile. At times, tooth decay and subsequent tooth loss are unavoidable. Aside from ruining a great looking set of teeth, the experience does absolutely nothing for anybody’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are ways to skirt this unfortunate occurrence, giving people back their confidence and a renewed outlook on life.

The installation of affordable dental implants is one way to restore lost smile. These permanent dentures simulate actual teeth and function just as well. Installed through a meticulous procedure involving oral or advanced sedation dentistry, they look and feel exactly like any natural set of teeth. You can read more about the process here.

Dental implants appear and function just like real teeth and, therefore, the same care is required. We recommend following the pointers below for keeping your permanent dentures intact:

We offer several types of affordable dental implants. These prosthetics are either fixed or removable. The method of maintenance depends on the kind of denture implants you have.

Fixed Implants

These implants attach to the jaw via connections, called “abutments.” These metal rods enter the gums and deep into the bone, “fixing” the dentures in place. We tell our patients to clean their fixed implants just as they would brush their real teeth. Before brushing, run a strand of floss around and in between abutments to remove trapped food particles and debris. Apply an ample amount of toothpaste to your brush and focus on cleaning each row of teeth with a firm, circular motion. Make sure to go over surfaces with an even number of strokes. Brush behind teeth as well, including around the metal abutments.

Removable Implants

When maintaining removable implants, it is vital to take them out of your mouth for more thorough cleaning. Copy the procedure for cleaning fixed implants, brushing thoroughly around your row of dentures. Make sure not to miss any surface. Set your dentures aside in a clean dry place and proceed with flossing the protruding abutments. Clean around each metal prong, and check to see if any food particles remain. Remember to treat the sensitive tissue of your gums with great care. You do not want to cause unnecessary bleeding or unintentionally dislodge the metal devices.

Keeping the condition of your implants is the first step to regaining the smile you have lost. Remember that a great smile is worth gold. Contact or visit us today for a consultation regarding our dental implants procedure.

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