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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Choosing the Dental Implant Solution for YOU

Are you suffering from missing teeth? Are you ready to smile again without embarrassment? Do you want more than just a temporary solution?

If so, dental implants may be right for you.

Even though we see patients like you every day who have the same reasons you do for restoring their smiles, that doesn’t mean that every implant solution will be the best one for them. Everyone has different concerns, needs, and budgets.

One size doesn’t really fit all, especially when it comes to your teeth! That’s why we offer several different implant solutions, so that you can decide what’s best for you. These include the One Day Smile Solution, zirconium crowns and bridges supported by implants, snap-on teeth, and mini implants.

The One Day Smile Solution

Are you missing your upper and/or lower teeth, or are about to lose those teeth? Do you want a long-term solution for your missing teeth or for your messy, problematic dentures?

The One Day Smile Solution allows us to use just four implants to secure a new set of custom-made teeth for you, and you will walk out with new teeth in just ONE visit!

Because these are fixed, permanent teeth, this stable option will help prevent bone loss and therefore restore the structure of your face, which will help prevent premature aging.

They’re also a good alternative to the traditional way of placing implants because they usually don’t require invasive surgery or bone grafting (creating bone if you don’t have bone structure to support implants), which is good for anyone who may have health problems or low bone density that could prevent them from getting implants.

If you’ve had dentures before or have just been missing your teeth for any amount of time, you know what it’s like to not be able to eat, chew, swallow, or talk like you could with natural teeth. The One Day Smile Solution will restore these functions, so that you can eat whatever you want, just like you would with your natural teeth! And because your teeth are permanent, you can take care of your new teeth the way you would your real teeth. Nothing to remove, slide around, or fall out!

Dr. Receveur received training from the creator of this treatment, so you can be sure you’re receiving some of the best care when you get your new set of teeth!

See a couple of our patients’ success stories with the One Day Smile Solution on our testimonials page.

Zirconium Crowns and Bridges Supported by Implants

This fixed implant option is closest to the look and feel of your natural teeth. We use our strong, lifelike zirconium material to create your crowns or bridges. This results in permanent teeth that look and shine like your natural teeth!

After we place your implants, we’ll give you temporary teeth to wear while the bone in your mouth fuses with the implant over 8-12 weeks. Then you’ll come back in for us to secure your permanent zirconium crown or bridge on top.

This can be the most expensive option depending on how many crowns you need, whether your implants will be placed in one or both jaws, and how difficult your case is (bone density, etc.). But it’s also a long-term solution that provides you with the most security. Often, we can even place the implants in one day, so you’ll be smiling when you walk out of our office!

Removable Snap-on Dentures

If you’re having trouble keeping your dentures in place but are also looking for a less expensive option than the One Day Smile Solution, snap-on teeth may be a good option for you.

We use snaps that securely attach your denture to several implants beneath, and we can adjust the snaps to make them more or less tight. This gives you the option of removing your denture while at the same time keeping it firmly in place so that you can eat what you want and talk without worrying!

Along with the stability they provide and lower costs (about 30-50 percent less expensive than the One Day Smile Solution), snap-on teeth are easy to take care of. These are many of the reasons that patients come into our New Albany office every day for this procedure!

Mini Dental Implants (Small Diameter Implants)

Is your lower denture moving around and preventing you from feeling confident when you eat or talk in public? Do you want a less expensive option than the One Day Smile Solution for your lower jaw?

If so, you’re like many of our patients who’ve chosen our mini implants. These special implants use O-rings that attach your denture to the implants underneath, securing your denture in place. This isn’t quite as stable as the One Day Smile Solution, and you’ll have to come in every 12-18 months to replace the rings (at about $100).

But it’s about a quarter as expensive per jaw than the One Day Smile Solution, and it’s a much better option than regular dentures because it will allow you to eat the foods you want soon after the procedure!

This type of implant procedure is minimally invasive, so you may not need an incision at all or only a very small one. This is good if you don’t have enough bone structure to support fixed implants. It’s also recommended for lower dentures only, because your lower jawbone is stronger than your upper. Plus, it will help preserve the structure of your face.

New Albany Implant Solutions for You!

With all of these New Albany implant options offered here at our office, you can see that not one solution fits everyone!

We hope this information has helped you learn about the important differences between our different types of implants. Contact us today to set up a consultation for your implant smile solution, and request our FREE book on implants here!