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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

New Albany Implants Office Can Help Make Implants Affordable

So you’ve made the decision: You’re going to get implants. You can’t wait until you stop hiding your smile—you’re ready to show your teeth proudly!

Now you have one obstacle—how will you pay for your implants?

Your New Albany implant dentist understands that implants are a big investment, which is why he can help you afford to pay for implants in several ways.

Let’s explore some of these ways that we want to help you get your new set of teeth.

How Much Do Implants Cost?

We know that for such a secure, long-term solution for your missing teeth, there is a cost involved. Nothing’s free after all, right? But we also want to use our implant technology to your advantage when it comes to how much you can pay, and this is the reason we offer several different types of implants. Each type is a different cost and can be factored into your decision when you choose to get implants.

Our most expensive implant options are zirconium bridgework supported by implants and the One Day Smile Solution. The quality of the permanent teeth and the stability that the implant process provides for your mouth is what makes this option more expensive than any other. It can start at $20,000 per jaw. The One Day Smile Solution uses just 4 implants to support your teeth, which can cost less than what another dentist might charge for traditional implants that require more posts.

Our next most expensive option is removable implants, which start at $7500 per jaw. Another option is mini implants, which start at about $4000 per jaw.

And if you have single teeth that need replacing with implants, you can expect to pay about $3000 or $4000 per implant with permanent crown. We do offer discounts if you have more than one missing tooth that needs an implant.

Read more about New Albany implants costs here.

How Can Getting My Implants in New Albany Save Me Money?

Getting your implants under the care of an experienced dentist like Dr. Receveur, who has placed thousands of implants and trained with some of the best implant experts in the world, can also help reduce future problems or complications, which means you’ll potentially save money in the long run. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the implant success rate is about 95 percent, but Dr. Receveur has a 98+ percent success rate! You can read more about his background and education here.

Our New Albany office can also help you save money because we’re an All in One PlaceTM for your implant needs. You don’t have to run all over town or go to different clinics to get all of your diagnostic tests, procedures, and follow-up visits done. We’re a one-stop implant shop that offers everything you need right here, saving you time and money!

We also offer an exclusive session called our Dental Implant Roadmap which provides diagnostic testing and the chance to talk to Dr. Receveur about your implant costs for whatever option you choose.

One of the advantages about our implants is that we offer you an all-inclusive price so that you don’t have any surprises later on. This will let you know exactly how much your implants will cost so that you can plan for them accordingly. And if for any reason there are surprises down the road, Dr. Receveur will take care of them for you.

We are so confident in our implant placement that we offer a 10-year warranty on our implants and a 5 year warranty on our work, which is unprecedented in many other practices.

If you’ve decided to get implants and are traveling to our New Albany, IN clinic, we want you to be sure that we’re the best bet for your implants, so we’ll schedule a call with you first before you make any investment. If you do choose to come, just know that we help our out-of-town patients make travel arrangements, and we do everything we can to get all of your care done in as few visits as possible. We’ll even have a complimentary concierge pick you up from the airport and drop you off when you’re done!

How Can I Pay for My Implants?

Now that you know how we can save you money on your implants, what are your payment options? We offer several for your convenience and your budget:

1. 5 percent discount for paying in full with cash
2. Credit cards
3. Medical savings accounts
4. CareCredit, which helps you pay out-of-pocket expenses including some no-finance plans if you pay within a certain period of time
5. Citi Health, which offers plans from 90 days up to 5 years
6. Springstone patient financing, which allows you to finance all or part of your procedure from $499 up to $40,000; some plans are interest-free

Let Your New Albany Dentist Help You Afford Implants

Call our office today to ask about paying for your implants. We want nothing, including expenses, to get in the way of you and your new smile!

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