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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

My Newly written Implant Book

I’ve finished my new Implant Book:

“You Don’t Have to Die With Your Teeth in a Glass”

Why did I write an Implant Book?

When a patient comes into my office for a consultation, we often examine the condition of their mouth and spend an hour or so explaining all of their options. However, no matter how much time we spend explaining things, there are often questions that come up later where the patient either forgot a detail or didn’t understand something. Sometimes, the patient simply tries to go home and explain the details to a loved one or spouse. Trying to give a short explanation to their family member at home, when it took me an hour to go over the details, is impossible to do well. We try to get spouses, loved ones or significant others to come for the consultation, but it’s not always possible with work schedules, kids, etc. (the busy life everyone leads). I wanted to write this book to give people the opportunity to learn everything they can about the exciting field of dental implants and I.V. Sedation and what they can do to solve their problems of missing or failing teeth and painful dentures. I’ve worked hard to show pictures and explain in much detail the types of treatment we do every day in our office. That way, if a patient gets home and wants to review what we talked about, there’s good information right in front of them. Also, I hope this book will help show the options and treatments to your loved ones when they just can’t be there for the consultation.

Then there are those people that are just plain scared to come in for a consultation because they think the doctor will try to “sell” them or pressure them into treatment. Of course, we never do that, but hopefully this book can give those people a “safe” way to read and learn about what’s available in 21st Century Implant Dentistry without coming to the office for a consultation.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Dental Implants…Do they Hurt?
  • My method of combining Oral and I.V. sedation to guarantee your comfort!
  • Galileos CAT scans and how this technology has given us amazing precision and accuracy and the ability to “place your implants” (Plan your implant placement) on the computer screen prior to your surgery.
  • Teeth-in-One-Day, the One Day Smile Solution, Mini-Implants, “Snap-On Teeth”, Zirconium Bridges and all of the treatment options available in the 21 s t Century .
  • How Long will Implants Last? Tired of another “Dental project” every 3-5 years? If you have lost faith in dentistry being able to promise solid, long lasting results, we hope to educate you so you can make an informed decision that you can feel good about…Dental implants are now extremely predictable, and long lasting (we tell our patients they should last the rest of their life!) We hope that a detailed explanation here of dental implants will provide you with the confidence necessary to make a decision that is right for you to solve your missing teeth and denture problems.You didn’t just wake up yesterday morning with your teeth in bad shape or with many of them missing. The dental issues that have led you to this book have come about from an array of problems and experiences in the past. This means that you may have been hesitating to get implant work done because: You “don’t know what to expect”; or so many other “dental projects” that you’ve paid “good money” for in the past have failed. Fortunately, dental implants have given dentistry the tools to be able to offer patients treatment that is predictable and permanent.

Call the office at (812) 945-7645 and ask Laurie for your free copy of my book.

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