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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Is Fear Keeping You From The Smile You Deserve?

Many people with anxiety will tell you that the reason it took so long for them to seek help is because they didn’t realize their thoughts and feelings were any different from those of other people. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s also not something you should have to deal with. Especially when there is help available.

If you’re experiencing overwhelming anxious thoughts and feelings over a trip to the dentist office, there’s a good chance you could have what is known as dental anxiety.

At New Albany Implants, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure each of our patients feels completely comfortable during their time with us.

We encourage you to take the time to read the information we’ve provided on dental anxiety and the solutions we have to ease your fears. Then call our New Albany, IN dental office to find out more information and schedule an appointment. Don’t let anxiety keep you from getting the treatment your smile needs.

Symptoms Of Dental Anxiety

It’s completely normal to feel a little uneasy before a dental appointment. But if your feelings are so overwhelming that you’ll do just about anything to avoid going to the dentist, you may have dental anxiety.

Approximately half Americans avoid going to the dentist because of fear. Below are the most common symptoms of dental anxiety:

  • Tension or trouble sleeping the night before a dental appointment
  • An increasing feeling of nervousness as you sit in the waiting room
  • Feeling like you’re going to cry when you think about going to the dentist
  • Panicking or having trouble breathing at the thought of, or when, hands or instruments are placed in your mouth
  • Feeling physically ill when you think about going to the dentist
  • Having trouble breathing or panicking when you see white-coat personnel

Relief From Dental Anxiety: Dental Sedation

At New Albany Implants, we understand your fear is real. We want you to feel completely comfortable during your time with us. The work we do to restore your smile is incredibly important to your oral health and we would hate to see you put it off out of fear.

We assure you, you’re in good hands with our team at New Albany Implants. We offer several features to ensure you feel more relaxed while we take care of your teeth. We’re most proud of our ability to offer you IV sedation for your procedures.

IV Sedation During Dental Procedures

If you’re serious about wanting a pain-free dental procedure, IV sedation is the only way to guarantee that. While nitrous oxide will make you more comfortable and help you relax, IV sedation guarantees you will have no memory of the procedure.

If you come to our office in need of a dental implant procedure and mention being scared or anxious, we’ll offer you IV sedation. At our New Albany, IN dental office, we use a combination of lighter and IV sedation to ensure you’re completely comfortable and relaxed.

The night before your procedure, we can give you a mild sedative to help you get a good night’s rest. Getting enough sleep the night before your appointment will reduce your anxiety and make the entire treatment easier.

Before your procedure begins, we’ll start your IV sedation. You’ll feel completely relaxed from start to finish. You won’t remember a thing, which means you won’t experience any pain or fear-inducing sounds, smells, or tastes.

Because you’ll be sedated, we’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently. This means a shorter procedure time. Additionally, we’ll likely finish the treatment in just 1-2 visits, instead of the usual 4-6 it could take without sedation.

Dr. Ron Receveur, Dr. Bradley Frederick, and our team at New Albany Implants put a lot of time and energy into what we do to ensure our patients feel completely comfortable while we take care of their teeth.

Call Our New Albany, IN Dental Office

If you need a dental implant procedure but you have dental anxiety, call New Albany Implants to learn more about how we can use sedation dentistry to make you feel comfortable.

Call (812) 945-7645 to schedule an appointment and mention your concerns. You can also contact us online to request an appointment.

Don’t let fear interfere with your oral health. We can help!

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