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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

How Bad Can A Lost Tooth Be?

Lost teeth happen to a lot of people. But one missing tooth can’t be that bad, right? Unfortunately, many people have believed that. Then they came to see us when they discovered how quickly things could change.

First the tooth, then the bone

When you lose a tooth, you lose stimulation from the root, that part of your jaw could lose up to 25 percent of its bone mass within 12 months. Even if you replace the missing tooth with a traditional bridge, the bone loss can still occur.

Making a shift

As you are losing bone mass below the gumline, your remaining teeth can start to drift into the open space. This can affect your smile, change your bite, and may affect what you can eat. This also puts you at risk of losing more teeth over time. And when you are missing more teeth, the problems mentioned above become exponentially worse.

Act early to protect your healthy smile

By getting a dental implant as part of your tooth replacement you can avoid those problems and protect your smile for the long term. Implant replacements provide the necessary stimulation to prevent bone loss. With an implant-supported crown or bridge (depending on how many teeth need to be replaced), you also can stop the rest of your teeth from drifting.

In other words, you should talk to our team at New Albany Implants in New Albany, IN to rebuild your smile and keep it intact. Fill out our online form or call 888-469-3982 now to make your appointment soon.

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