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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Having Trouble Chewing With Dentures? Eat Better with the One Day Smile Solution

Are you one of those denture-wearers that are already frustrated with having to be overly cautious of biting into hard food items? Tired of having a difficult and painful time chewing your food? Fed up with having to pass on your old favorites and miss savoring your meals because of your loose or ill-fitting dentures?

Put an end to your troubles and replace those dentures with the innovative One Day Smile Solution treatment that uses just four dental implants to permanently attach the prosthesis replacing all teeth in a single arch. New Albany dentist Dr. Ronald Receveur, who travelled to Lisbon, Portugal to study under no less than Dr. Malo, the innovator of this technique, is just the man who could help you.

How the One Day Smile Solution improves your Bite and Chewing Function

The One Day Smile Solution restores the patient’s ability to bite and chew since the prosthesis is fixed in place, eliminating the movement of the artificial teeth inside the mouth. Even patients who have been previously diagnosed with extreme bone loss can still have the One Day Smile Solution attached since in needs less bone depth compared to other traditional implants.

Apart from the functional improvement, the One Day Smile Solution also comes with other benefits as:

  • Time efficiency – the artificial teeth can be immediately attached as soon as the four implants are put in place, greatly reducing the waiting time. Patient’s recovery time is also significantly reduced since the treatment requires only four implants
  • Affordability – since it uses only four implants, the One Day Smile Solution is less expensive compared to other treatments. If the patient’s dentures are still in good condition, he/she can get additional savings by using them as the prosthesis
  • Durability – with good oral and dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups, the One Day Smile Solution can last a lifetime
  • Comfort, convenience and confidence – with the need for denture adhesive also eliminated, it would feel like you got your natural teeth back, restoring function but also the patient’s confidence

So if you want to make that move towards your long-awaited the One Day Smile Solution, take that all-important step going to your New Albany dental clinic today and let Dr. Receveur get you back your healthy eating habits back. Call (812) 945-7645 now to set an appointment at New Albany Implants.

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