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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Go From Lost Teeth To Complete Teeth Replacements

You are embarrassed to smile now. You used to smile easily and often.

You are hesitant to dine out with family and friends because you aren’t sure you will be able to eat anything on the menu. Your teeth feel loose when you try to bite or chew. Or maybe you don’t have enough teeth left to eat the foods that you really want to eat anymore.

It’s clear that your mouth isn’t what it used to be, and that is having a bigger impact on your quality of life than you ever expected.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can smile again. You can eat the foods that you love again.

You can call (812) 945-7645 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ron Receveur at New Albany Implants in New Albany, IN. Find out about our All-In-One-Place approach to teeth replacement and, more importantly, what it could do for you.

Don’t Settle For Dentures Alone

Tooth loss happens to lots of people. In fact more than 36 million people are missing one or both rows of their teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.

People lose teeth to gum disease, injuries, and accidents. Although we prefer to save teeth whenever possible, there are times when an infection is so bad that tooth removal really is the best option for your long-term oral health.

Regardless of the reason you are missing teeth, we don’t want you to settle for dentures. Instead, we want you to feel like you have a brand new set of teeth. We want you to feel confident that your replacement teeth will stay in place for decades to come.

This is possible with the help of dental implants at our New Albany dentist office.

Dentures Are NOT A Complete Solution

Now, we don’t want you to think that we don’t like dentures. They can be part of your teeth replacement solution, but they are not a complete solution in and of themselves.

Dentures are made to replace the crowns of your teeth. This is the part of your teeth that people see when you smile. It’s the part of your teeth that you use — or used to use — to bite and chew your food.

Your crowns can do these things because of your roots — the parts of your teeth that you can’t see. Your roots are — or were — anchored in your jawbone. They kept your teeth stable and allowed you to generate around 250 pounds of pressure with your bite. That was more than enough to eat anything that you wanted to eat.

If you only get dentures, you are basically resting your replacement teeth on top of your gums. Even with a denture adhesive, you will only generate a fraction of the force you could with your natural teeth.

And as anyone who has had dentures can tell you, having your teeth fall out while you are eating or talking can make for some awkward and frustrating situations. You don’t want that to happen, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

What Dental Implants Can Do

Dental implants were developed as a replacement for the roots of your teeth. Like your roots, you won’t see your implants when they are in your jaw, but you will feel the difference when you have them.

Implants are placed directly into your jawbone. This allows them to anchor your dentures in your mouth, much as your roots did when you had a full set of healthy teeth.

As a result, you can smile naturally again. You also can order a steak just the way you like it or enjoy some fried chicken with buttery corn on the cob.

When you have expertly-placed dental implants, you can generate nearly as much force as someone who still has all of his or her teeth.

And when you come to New Albany Implants, you will be visiting one of the nation’s premier implant placement experts. That’s not our opinion. That’s a fact.

Dr. Ron studied personally with Dr. Paulo Malo, the innovator of the All-On-4™® implant placement procedure, at the Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Ron also learned from Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller at the Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Ron wants to provide the absolute best possible care for every patient. That means providing strong, stable, and secure replacement teeth.

Contact Us Today To Learn About Our Dental Implants

Patients from all over the United States have come to New Albany Implants for complete teeth replacements. To understand why, start by contacting us online or by calling (812) 945-7645 to schedule a consultation today!

The All-On-4™® treatment concept is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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