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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Give Yourself Graftless Implants & a Great Smile

Do you have missing teeth?  Maybe you have been living with loose-fitting dentures. Are tired of not having teeth to smile, speak, and eat.

You have spoken to a dentist or possibly multiple dentists. They keep saying you need a bone graft before you can get dental implants. That’s not the case.

Instead, you can get graftless implants at our New Albany, IN office. Here’s why you should.

You Can Save Time

If you get a bone graft, you may need months to recover before you are ready to receive implants. With Dr. Ron’s skill, experience, and training, he can place your implants without the need for a graft.

You Save Money

This may go without saying, but you won’t have to pay for a bone graft if you don’t get this procedure. That’s good for your wallet and your smile.

You Are in Great Hands

Dr. Ron has been placing implants for decades, and he places more than 500 implants annually, and he has a better than 98 percent success rate. By coming here, you are putting your smiles in the hands of a teeth replacement expert.

Your Implants Will Last

Because of our confidence in Dr. Ron and his abilities, we offer a lifetime warranty on every implant placed at our office. In other words, this can ease your concerns about getting graftless implants.

Contact us online or call (812) 945-7645 to request an appointment at New Albany Implants in New Albany, IN.

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