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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Get Your New Teeth Without Wasting Time

You already know that you want to get dental implants for your missing teeth. There’s just one problem. The dentists you’ve spoken to so far say that you need a bone graft first.

That’s going to add another dental procedure. That means another office visit, and (of course) the added cost of having this done. Then you’ll have to wait to recover before you can get your implants.

If you’ve been wishing there was a simpler way to get your new teeth, we’ve got great news for you. In New Albany, IN, Dr. Ron Receveur can place your implants without a bone graft, so you can enjoy your new teeth sooner.

To take advantage of this, you need to visit New Albany Implants.

Find What You Really Want

Since you lost your teeth, what do you really want from your new implants?

You want the ability to eat anything that you want. You want to have a natural-looking smile. You also want to be able to speak normally, too.

You don’t want to make multiple visits to the dentist before you can get implants for your new smile.

Dr. Ron has studied with national and international leaders in implantology. He has mastered techniques for placing implants that don’t require a bone graft.

That means you can get your new teeth in less time.

Rebuild Your New Smile In One Day

At another dental practice, you might need to make one appointment for your bone graft, then wait months to heal. Then go to a different dentist to have your implants placed. After that, you might wait several more months before you get your replacement teeth.

We’ve heard of patients who have had to wait more than a year from the time they started this process until they got their new smile. That’s far too long.

It’s also why Dr. Ron developed his One Day Smile Solution™.

In one day, you can get implants and your new smile. There’s no reason to wait months or longer to see your new smile.

At our office, we offer IV sedation, which allows us to rebuild your smile painlessly and in a single visit. After Dr. Ron places your implants, and new teeth before you leave. You’ll be able to smile like you want. You’ll also be able to eat with your new teeth. As you recover, you’ll notice your bite getting stronger. In a little time, you’ll be eating like you could before you lost your real teeth.

Feel Like Yourself Again Sooner

Since you’re ready to get your new smile, don’t wait any longer than necessary. At New Albany Implants, you could have your new smile much faster.

Contact us online or call (812) 945-7645 to get started with a consultation.

When you come, be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty on every implant we place.

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