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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Get Your New Teeth The Easy Way

We’ve heard some really interesting stories from our patients over the years. Many of them have to do with their experiences trying to get Implants.
People have told us about going to as many as three different dental offices just to get their Implants and have them restored.  When these same patients were referred to Dr. Ron Receveur and our team at New Albany Implants, it was because they wanted their new teeth to be done in one place.

Knowing how important your teeth are, Dr. Ron developed the All-In-One-Place™ approach. We handle every part of the process from evaluation to securing your new smile at our office in New Albany, IN.
You can get the benefits of this approach by visiting us. Call (812) 945-7645 to plan your appointment at our office.

Experience You Can Trust

When you need teeth replacements, dental implants are the best foundation you can get in modern dentistry. Implants take the place of the roots of teeth that are missing or have been removed. They secure your new teeth in your mouth, and they add strength and stability that you can’t get without them.
When deciding where you will go, let’s consider some factors:

  • Experience — Would you want to visit a dentist who has been placing implants for more than 35 years?
  • Education — Would you want to visit a dentist who has learned placement techniques from nationally and internationally renowned implantologists?
  • Expertise — Would you want to visit a dentist who places more than 500 implants annually?
  • Exceptional Service — Would you prefer to get your implants where you can enjoy pain-free care with IV sedation and trust that your implants will last thanks to a lifetime warranty?

You can get all of these things at our office from Dr. Ron.

Complete Care for Your New Smile

You can’t place a value on what a great smile can do for you. Surveys have shown that people with nice teeth are considered friendlier, more successful, and more attractive. Experience also has shown us time and time again that individuals feel more confident when they feel good about their new smile.
Knowing this, we can provide everything you need to rebuild your smile as good or better than it’s ever been. Our process starts with an assessment of your mouth. This includes 3-D imaging technology. This helps us determine where your jaw is the strongest and where to place your implants so they can be most beneficial for you.
Thanks to our IV sedation, we can remove teeth (if needed) place your implants, and attach a new set of teeth in one day at our office. When you are ready for your permanent teeth, we can make them at our in-office dental lab, too.
As we noted, we really can handle every step of your teeth replacement in one convenient location.

It’s Time to Rejuvenate Your Smile

If you are unhappy with your missing teeth or disappointed in loose dentures, then today is the day to do something about it. Today is the day for you to contact New Albany Implants to request a consultation. Fill out our online form or call (812) 945-7645.

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