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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Four Reasons You Might Want to Look Into Dental Implants

There are many reasons a person would decide to visit a dental implant clinic. The most obvious reason is that they’re missing a tooth (or many teeth), and would like to explore long-term and permanent solutions to that problem. But there are many roads to missing teeth, all of which begin at different events or life experiences. After all, it’s hard to plan for an accident or a sudden occurrence that results in a damaged smile.

Cosmetic dental work is more advanced today than it’s ever been, thanks in part to the breakthrough technologies of dental implants. Unlike other options for missing teeth (especially dentures), implants are permanent fixtures in your mouth, kept in place with a titanium screw. In time, your gums and jaw bone will heal around the implant, locking it in place for life — and indeed, most dental implant surgeries result in 98% success rate. So, why would you need to look into this kind of service in the first place?

You’re self conscious about your smile.

Perhaps one of the largest reasons for all dental cosmetics, appearance is, for a lot of people, actual reality. A gap in an otherwise flawless smile can significantly impact a person’s confidence, especially when it comes to finding a job or hitting the dating world. Visiting a dental implant clinic ensures these worries can be wiped clean, resulting in a complete, fully formed smile you can enjoy the benefits of every day.

You’ve had an accident and lost some teeth.

Though the number of people with missing teeth is lower today than it was, say, 100 years ago, that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. Car wrecks, sports injuries, — heck, even bar fights — can all result in a person losing some of his or her natural teeth in the process. Dental implants are a more permanent solution to these types of situations than other, less long-term options like dentures or simple tooth crowns or veneers.

Disease or infection has affected your teeth and/or gums.

When you think you’re experiencing severe gum or tooth troubles, it’s important to find dentists in your area who can help diagnose the problem. Gingivitis, or the inflammation of the gums, is a common oral hygiene issue, though it’s both preventable and completely reversible. The same might not be true for other, more serious problems. Popping in to a dental implant clinic will help you examine your treatment options for building up a better, healthier smile for the future.

You want to look into other cosmetic options.

Most dental implant clinic feature cosmetic dentists with years of experience under their belts. That means they’re versatile, having tackled scores of different dental problems over the years. Cosmetic dentistry is more than just filling the gaps in a smile — it also covers whitening, cosmetic braces and other forms of treatment that can help restore a smile’s natural shine and glow. All it takes is a quick phone call to make an appointment.

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