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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Four Purposes of the One Day Smile Solution

The the One Day Smile Solution makes it possible to own a brand new and beautiful smile all in one day! This particular technique is the answer to tooth damage due to four different reasons—aging, periodontal disease, permanent tooth loss, and denture replacement.

A Youthful Smile for Aging Patients

The One Day Smile Solution is a perfect solution to loss of multiple permanent teeth due to aging and general gum weakness. This procedure is designed to implant the most number of abatements for the least amount of time and causing the least amount of pain. A safe procedure for most ages, it is even safe and frequently recommended for older members of society.

Answering Periodontal Disease Effects

Most people turned down for implants have suffered severe bone loss due to periodontal disease. Fortunately for them, this technique is made to bring smiles even to those with insufficient bone density.

A Possible Solution to Tooth Loss

The One Day Smile Solution is your ticket to a fuller smile, whether you were born with missing teeth or lost a few due to underlying causes or perhaps an unfortunate incident. Even patients who were told they can’t ever get implants can be candidates for this particular procedure.

A Replacement for Dentures

Dentures—fixed, removable, partial, or full—can sometimes fail or deteriorate over time. Fortunately, this procedure is a more permanent fix. It is affordable for those who may have to pay for the treatment with their retirement funds.

It’s possible to find affordable dental implants. Should there be none, there are insurance policies and other finance options so you can afford the smile you deserve. There are payment plans for single implants to full restorative procedures.

Call our office today to set an appointment and learn more about the One Day Smile Solution.

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