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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Feel Confident About Your New Smile

Many people who have lost one tooth, multiple teeth, or are wearing dentures….most of them learn quickly how limiting traditional dentures and missing teeth can be.

Over time, dentures can become looser and more likely slide around. That can make everything from eating to speaking to smiling more difficult. When you aren’t sure you can trust your teeth to stay in place, it can cause you to hesitate to order the food you really want to eat or to speak up when you have something to say.

Getting implants helps in multiple ways. First, your implants replace the roots of your missing teeth. That can stop bone loss from getting worse. Second, implants can anchor your replacement teeth to your jawbone. This makes them more stable, and it lets you put more power into each and every bite and chew. That means you can eat the foods that you want to eat. It also means that you can say what you want when you want to say it. (Whether you should is a different matter.)

Get New Teeth That You Can Trust

When you get teeth replacements, you want them to look and feel as much like natural teeth as possible.

For people who have been living without teeth or with traditional dentures for a while, bone loss is a real concern. Because of this, many dentists will recommend a bone graft. But Dr. Ron isn’t like most dentists. Through his extensive dedication to learning about the most advanced teeth replacement options, you can get graftless implants at our New Albany office.

Thanks to his training, skill, and our advanced technology, Dr. Ron is able to place most implants without the need for a bone graft. You can save the time and expense of another procedure, so you can enjoy your new teeth much sooner.

Get Your New Smile Sooner

By visiting New Albany Implants, you can get secure, stable replacement teeth. You can skip the bone graft and get what you really want — a complete, healthy smile.

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