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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Enjoy Your New Smile Without Our Graftless Implants

Have you been told that you need a bone graft before you can get dental implants? Don’t do anything until you schedule a consultation with Dr. Ron Receveur at New Albany Implants. Our graftless implant placement procedure can give you better results.

What are bone grafts?

Bone grafts are done to rebuild bone that has been lost over time. This bone loss is often a consequence of losing teeth.

Are bone grafts necessary for dental implants?

More often than not, bone grafts are not needed if you visit a dentist who understands advanced implants placement techniques. Dr. Ron has learned from the best implantologists in the world and applied what he’s learned to help countless patients at our dental office in New Albany, IN.

Graftless implants

This is the result of Dr. Ron’s commitment to making teeth replacement easier for all of our patients. In addition to learning better techniques, he has invested in advanced technology, like 3-D imaging systems, to determine the best placement location for your implants. You also get the benefit of his experience of placing more than 500 implants annually.

If you still have questions, schedule an appointment with us by calling 888-469-3982 or contacting us online. Be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty when you contact us.

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