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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Ease Into Your New Teeth With IV Sedation

You have a dilemma. You are missing multiple teeth.

This is causing your daily life to be more difficult. You are a little embarrassed about letting people see your smile. You can’t eat what you really want to eat. You even sound a little funny when you try to say certain words.

You know that you should replace your teeth, but you are anxious about going to the dentist for restorative care.

You have a solution right here in New Albany, IN. You can visit Dr. Ron Receveur, who can care for you with IV sedation dentistry.

This will ease your anxiety and keep you pain-free during your procedure. In the end, you will have a complete smile again. You will be able to order anything you want when you dine out with family and friends, and you will be able to speak clearly and confidently.

To get started, call (812) 945-7645 today to set up an appointment at New Albany Implants.

Overcome Your Anxiety

Dental anxiety affects tens of millions of people across the United States. If you have a fear of the dentist or a fear of restorative dentistry, then you have a lot of company.

It’s also true that countless patients have come to our office for this specific reason. Why is this? It is because we have developed a reputation for providing painless teeth replacements.

IV sedation is an integral part of our process. Few practices have completed the necessary training and licensing to offer this level of sedation.

For our patients, IV sedation provides assurance that they will be pain-free and worry-free throughout their teeth replacement treatment. You can feel more relaxed knowing that you will get the results that you want without having to worry about how you get there.

All you need to do is watch a few of our patient testimonials to understand the difference that our approach to sedation has made in their oral health.

Regain Your Smile

You already understand the difficulty that comes with missing teeth. Now, it’s time for you to start feeling like yourself again.

You deserve to speak without worry. You should be able to eat your favorite food.

You should be happy with the appearance of your smile.

Dr. Ron and the rest of our team want those same things for you. In fact, Dr. Ron has devoted his career to helping as many people as he can to regain their healthy, natural-looking smiles. That’s why he learned advanced implant placement techniques from the world’s leading implantologists. It’s also why he made sure he could offer IV sedation.

He combined that knowledge with his decades of experience to develop the One Day Smile Solution™. When you come to Dr. Ron for a consultation, he can explain how your teeth replacement process can happen much sooner than you may realize.

With IV sedation, he is able to take out teeth, put in implants, and put on new teeth (made in our in-house dental lab) in the same appointment.

Put Your Worries Aside & Call Today

We understand that you may have questions about how all this is possible. That’s a great reason to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ron. This gives him an opportunity to examine your mouth and explain how he can restore your smile. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have about our approach to teeth replacements.

Contact us online or call (812) 945-7645 to request an appointment at New Albany Implants in New Albany, IN.

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