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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Dr. Receveur’s 10-Year “No Worry” Dental Warranty

We believe that if we talk about dental implants being a “long term solution” that we ought to back it up with our warranty. We warranty our dental implants for 10 years, which is rather unprecedented in dentistry. We also warranty all of our prosthetic work for 5 years. Compare our warranties and our 98%+ success rate. We don’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t do for our own family or staff members.

We Are Different Than Most Dental Offices:

  • We do all of your dental care right here in our office—All in one office location!
  • Many patients in other offices have to go to several doctors before figuring out what the overall treatment plan will be.
  • With a CAT Scan right in our office, we can tell you what options you have right on the spot!
  • I personally place your dental implants and craft your beautiful new smile…to solve your missing teeth and denture problems.
  • Most care completed in 1- 2 visits (No sounds, smells or pain) with IV Sedation to GUARANTEE your comfort.
  • We offer “Teeth-in-One-Day”, the One Day Smile Solution, and Snap-on-Teeth
  • 10-Year Written Dental Warranty on all of our implant work!
  • When we quote you a fee for your treatment, “It Includes everything!”(from start to finish)


Larry Shuffett : “I felt that finding someone who had the training to do all of my treatment insured excellent results.”

“It was important to me to find someone who was responsible for all of my treatment, my new teeth, my dental implants, literally everything. I wanted it all done in one location. I felt like finding someone who had the training to do all of my treatment himself insured excellent results. In Dr. Receveur, I found someone who truly believed in what he was doing. In fact, whenever I think about Dr. Ron and his staff, what really strikes me is that it’s obvious that they take a great deal of satisfaction from being able to provide these services and make people’s lives better.”

To see a video of Larry talking about wanting one doctor responsible for all of his work,
click here.

Dental Implant Financing Options
We know how important your smile and chewing ability is. Therefore, we offer payment plans that can meet your personal budget. We can offer several options to help with getting the care you want and need.

How Can I Pay for My Treatment?
1. Using Cash for our 5% cash discount for payment in full.
2. Interest Free Dental Financing: We have several options to help you.
3. MasterCard/Visa/AMEX/Discover.
4. Medical Savings Accounts: We can help assist you with this.
5. Care Credit…ask us for details (We utilize Care Credit a lot)
6. Citi Health…ask us for details (plans from 90 days up to 5 years)
7. Springstone Patient Financing

Toni Ponder : “I was very skeptical because everything else I’d ever had done to my mouth eventually failed.”

“It seemed like every three to five years there was another dental project…several thousand dollars more…I just wanted answers that had a predictable long term solution. I was very skeptical because everything else had always eventually failed. When I looked at the cost, I had to determine what it was worth to me.”

“When you spend money on your appearance, on your teeth, on your health, that’s an investment in yourself, in your quality of life. You can never invest poorly when you’re investing in yourself…making your health better. I really like the idea of coming to one location and having everything done. This was extremely important to me because I became very comfortable and familiar with the people here. I would strongly recommend anyone who’s considering dental implants to go visit Dr. Receveur. After a person walks into his office, I truly believe any other dentist pales in comparison. He’s outstanding.”

To watch a video of Toni talking about being skeptical of dental implants because of the expense and every other dental project she had ever had had failed, go to:

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