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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Do Away with Loose or Ill-fitting Dentures with the One Day Smile Solution

For people who have had the misfortune of losing either or both of their upper or lower teeth, dentures or false teeth seem to be the least invasive and most common go-to solution to replace the missing teeth. However, due to the constant anxiety of it slipping once it becomes loose or ill-fitting, not to mention the messy adhesives needed to be applied to keep it in place, other alternatives have been ventured into for patients to avoid the worries. One such treatment is the innovative One Day Smile Solution.

The One Day Smile Solution

The One Day Smile Solution uses four implants to permanently attach the prosthesis and replace all teeth in a single arch. It is an excellent option for patients who do not want moving or removable dentures and ideal for those whose bone loss is so severe that it prevents them from getting dental implants.

Benefits of the One Day Smile Solution

Besides being less invasive than older implant techniques and the elimination of possible slipping because of the permanently-affixed prosthesis, other benefits of getting the One Day Smile Solution are as follows:

  • Lessens the need for bone grafting in most patients
  • Gives the patient his/her ability back to eat/chew what he wants to eat
  • Stabilizes bone levels in the jaw
  • Prevents wrinkles that make the patient look older than his/her actual age
  • Needs just one day to complete
  • Requires minimal recovery time

Replacing your Dentures with the One Day Smile Solution

Should you want to explore the One Day Smile Solution as a suitable replacement for your removable false teeth, New Albany implant dentist Dr. Ronald L. Receveur may just be the professional you need. Dr. Receveur travelled to Lisbon, Portugal to study under no less than Dr. Malo, the innovator of this technique.

Let him see if you are on your way to permanently removing your dentures by calling his New Albany dental clinic at (812) 945-7645 for that lifestyle changing appointment now. Say goodbye to slipping dentures and painful bites and hello to a worry-free smile.

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