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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Dentures With Dental Implants: Real Teeth Replacements

Dentures can provide some cosmetic improvements to your smile. Dentures also can help you eat some foods.

But if you only have dentures, you really haven’t replaced your missing teeth.

Sure, you may be able to smile for pictures, but how confident are you that your teeth will stay in place when you start talking to someone? How sure are you that you will be able to eat the food on your plate without your dentures slipping out?

You could feel more confident that your replacement teeth will stay in place no matter what you are saying or what you are eating. You could visit our dentists in New Albany, IN, to get dental Implants to support your dentures.

We have patients come to us from throughout the region and across the country because of our expertise in implant placement.

If you would like to learn more about implant-supported dentures, call (812) 945-7645 or fill out our online form to ask questions or schedule a consultation.

The Trouble With Dentures

In the short-term, dentures can be great. When you first get your dentures, they should fit comfortably.

And if you’ve been living without teeth for a little while, then dentures can seem like a big improvement when it comes to eating.

With time, however, that can change. You see, your teeth were anchored into your jawbone by the roots. That did two things. First, it connected your teeth directly to your jaw, which allowed you to put power behind your bite. This made it easy to eat anything you wanted to eat.

Second, this connection was good for the health of your jaw. With each bite, your roots pushed into the bone. That pressure caused your bone to create new bone tissue. This new tissue would replace older tissue as it was reabsorbed.

With dentures alone, you don’t have that direct connection to your jaw. As a result, your jawbone can begin to shrink. This can change the shape of your mouth, which affects how well — or how poorly — your dentures fit.

Our dentists understand how this can affect your quality of life. When you can’t order the food that you really want to eat, dining out isn’t as fun. When you worry that your teeth may come loose, you may become reluctant to say what’s on your mind.

At our New Albany, IN, office, we want our patients to enjoy life, and that includes eating what they want and being themselves. Call us today at (812) 945-7645 to find out more about how dental implants could make a difference for you.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

To explain the benefits of dental implants, we need to start by explaining what they are.

Dental implants are cylinders or screws that are embedded directly into your jawbone. Implants were created to serve as replacements for the roots of your teeth.

As such, they can be used to support replacements for the natural crowns of your teeth. A series of implants can be used to support a set of dentures, for example.

This does for your dentures what your roots once did for your teeth. The implants provide a direct connection from your dentures to your jawbone. The implants also provide the pressure needed to cause new bone tissue growth.

From a functional standpoint, you will be able to bite with greater force. That means you will be able to eat comfortably. That means you will be able to eat with confidence that your dentures will stay in place.

You also can feel comfortable that your dentures will remain in place whether you are addressing a roomful of people, giving your order to your waiter, or sharing a funny story with a friend.

And since your jaw is getting the stimulation it needs to stay strong, you won’t have to worry about replacing your dentures because they no longer fit.

The Advantage Of Getting Your Dental Implants At Our Office

Dr. Receveur has developed the One Day Smile Solution.

Through our training and experience, our dentists can place your dental implants, then place a set of temporary dentures that same time. You will wear these for 8 to 12 weeks until you jaw has fully healed.

Then, we will replace the temporary dentures will your permanent replacement teeth.

When everything is said and done, your smile will look natural, and maybe more importantly, your implant-supported dentures will feel more like a real set of replacement teeth.

To schedule a consultation at our dentist office in New Albany, IN, call (812) 945-7645 or contact us online today.

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