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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Dental Sedation Can Make Your Appointment A Breeze!

If the idea of going to the dentist fills you with fear you aren’t alone! In fact, dentistry as an industry has realized how scary dental care can be for our patients. It’s invasive, it can be painful, and it’s a stressful process! The solution to your fears has been found and is readily available at New Albany Implants!

When you come to us for care we’re going to try our hardest to make your appointment comfortable and pain free. One way that we can eliminate your anxiety and make your visit simple is with a variety of dental sedation options!

Why Choose Dental Sedation

The most popular reason why patients choose dental sedation is because of fear. If you’re anxious about care sedation can make your procedure easy, stress-free, and depending on your sedation choice you may not even remember it!

Patients also choose sedation for procedures that are going to be long. If you’re getting several dental implants placed you could be in the chair for a while and it might be easier to just sleep through your procedure! Sedation for longer appointments allows us to get more done in one visit too – while an alert but anesthetized patient might only be able to tolerate an hour or two a patient under IV sedation can stay asleep as long as we need!

Types Of Dental Sedation We Offer

We’re one of the only offices in the area to offer general anesthesia right in our office! The additional training and education that our staff has gone through has made us qualified in more levels of sedation than other practices, allowing us to tailor our care directly to you!

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the most basic level of sedation we offer. If you’re just a little on edge or not sure how comfortable you are with the procedure we’re going to do then nitrous is a great choice for you!

Nitrous oxide takes effect almost the moment we put the nosepiece on you and it wears off just as fast! You’ll be able to come to our office and drive yourself home after your appointment with no after effects! Nitrous leaves you feeling groggy but still awake. Your arms might feel heavy and you’ll probably feel really relaxed.

IV Sedation

At this level you’re effectively asleep during your visit. Similar to what hospitals call “twilight sedation,” this level puts you in a sleep like state that allows you to still respond to us but with no recollection of your appointment at all. You’ll just wake up when it’s over!

This level is great for patients undergoing long procedures or for those frightened of dental care. Again, due to the stronger effects of this method we’ll require you to bring a driver with you.

General Anesthesia

Generally restricted to hospitals, general anesthesia puts you completely under. It’s ideal for patients who have intense fear and simply want to go “all in” on sedation. It’s also idea for patients with special needs who may not understand what’s going on and need to be asleep for their own safety.

General anesthesia is something special that we’re proud to be able to offer. We’re equipped to closely monitor your vital signs during your procedure so there’s no fear of any harm coming to you. We can constantly adjust your dosage according to your needs.

Sedation Makes Your Appointments Simple!

If you think you could benefit from sedation we’d love to discuss your options with you! Feel free to call New Albany Implants today at (812) 945-7645 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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