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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Dental Anxiety is Common; Sedation Can Help

You know that you want to replace your missing teeth. It’s just … your anxiety about the procedure is making you hesitant about making an appointment.
First, you should know that most people experience dental anxiety to one degree or another. Second, you also should know that New Albany Implants is licensed to offer IV sedation at our office.
With IV sedation, you can rest assured that we can complete your procedure without any pain and with fewer dental visits. Both of those are positives for anyone dealing with dental anxiety. Call (812) 945-7645 to learn how our sedation dentistry could help you or someone you love restore your healthy smile.

It’s OK to Feel Nervous

We’ve treated thousands of patients over the years at our New Albany, IN dental office. As a result, we’ve become pretty good at knowing when someone is feeling nervous about their visit. Many times, we can tell even before you say anything.
Perhaps more important, we have also learned a number of ways of helping people feel more relaxed when they are in our office. IV sedation has been one of the biggest difference makers we’ve ever implemented.
Few dental practices have completed the necessary training to offer IV sedation. For us, it’s an integral part of our One Day Smile Solution™. With IV sedation, Dr. Ron Receveur can remove teeth (if needed), place implants, and add your dental restoration all in the same day. For you, it will seem like you enjoyed a deep sleep only to wake up with the smile of your dreams.
People experience dental anxiety for a number of reasons. Some worry about pain. Others are worried that they might gag, and still others have memories of a bad experience when they were younger. IV sedation can make all of those concerns into non-issues.

Your Comfort is a Personal Issue for Us

If you’ve read our previous blogs or you looked at Dr. Ron’s biographical information, then you know that he was born with a congenitally missing tooth. As a result of that, he made more visits to the dentist as a child than many families do in a lifetime.
On a personal level, he understands why people may not want to go to the dentist. He knows that you may have had a bad experience somewhere else. He’s been committed to providing high-quality dentistry in a relaxing atmosphere since he opened his own practice in 1981. He’s always made patient comfort one of his top priorities, and he’s instilled that value in everyone who works here at New Albany Implants.

You can see the difference this can make for yourself by scheduling your teeth replacement at our office. Call (812) 945-7645 or contact us online to request an appointment to begin working on restoring your smile.

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