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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Choose The Simple Way To Get Your New Smile

One of the reasons big box retail stores remain popular is because they are convenient. You can go to one place and get everything that you need.

Now, we realize that getting new teeth is very different than buying cereal, clothes, and car supplies in the same place. Yet, we also know that many patients appreciate our All-In-One-Place™ approach to restorative dentistry.

To take advantage of our patient-first procedure, call 888-469-3982 to visit New Albany Implants.

A Simple Path To A New Smile

Teeth replacement can be complicated. It can involve:

  • Assessing the health of teeth and jawbones
  • Planning your treatment
  • Removing bad teeth
  • Placing dental implants
  • Attaching your new smile

If you go to another practice, you may find that you are being referred from one place to another for different steps in your treatment. Furthermore, this can drag the process out for several months and even more than a year.

Dr. Ron Receveur wanted his patients to get the best replacements that modern dental care could provide. He also wanted to streamline that process to make it as simple and easy as possible. The result of that focus is our commitment to complete every step of your teeth replacement at our office.

New Teeth The Easy Way

For Dr. Ron, being able to handle every part of your implant placement and new smile at our New Albany, IN office was just the beginning of improving the teeth replacement process. The result is our One Day Smile Solution.

He studied with some of the best-known implantologists in the world, and he learned advanced techniques for placing dental implants. He invested in technology, like our CT scan, that allows us to view your bone and teeth in three dimensions. This is invaluable both for evaluating the condition of your teeth and for determining the precise locations for your implants.

Our practice also has its own dental lab. Rather than outsourcing the creation of your new teeth, we handle it right here. By controlling this step, we can be assured that you will receive high-quality restorations.

We also offer IV sedation. This is a higher level of sedation than you will find in most offices. Dr. Ron invested the time to complete the training and get the licensing to offer this. This allows us to prevent you from feeling pain and to complete more work in a single visit with us than you can complete in months somewhere else.

Contact Us Today To Get Started

You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t take the first step. To get your new and improved smile, your first step should be scheduling a consultation with Dr. Ron at New Albany Implants. Contact us online or call 888-469-3982 today.

When you visit us, be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty on every implant we place at our office.

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