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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Build A Better Smile Without The Bone Graft

Do you want a bone graft … or do you want your smile back?

Anyone who is missing teeth wants to feel like they have a healthy smile again as soon as possible. At New Albany Implants, our graftless implants can help you get where you want to be in less time.

Thanks to his training with internationally-renowned implantologists and decades of experience, Dr. Ron Receveur has developed a unique system to rebuild smiles quickly, efficiently, and effectively. You could be showing off your new teeth sooner than you think.

Call 888-469-3982 today to schedule a consultation at our office in New Albany, IN.

Lost Teeth Are Not A Lost Cause

When someone loses teeth, one of the consequences is often losing bone. This can occur even with traditional dentures. Getting dental implants, which replace the roots of your missing teeth, can stimulate your jawbone to prevent this kind of loss. This is why we encourage our patients to get implant-supported replacement teeth.

Nevertheless, many people will try to live without teeth or with standard dentures for a while before they decide to get implants. The problem is that this may leave you with too little bone to support implants. For this reason, some dentists will recommend getting a bone graft. This is a way of adding bone to rebuild the jaw.  It can take months of healing before you are ready for Implants. Dr. Ron doesn’t want you to have to wait. Through his training and experience, he can place implants where other dentists don’t think it’s possible. That means you can skip the bone graft and start enjoying your new teeth sooner.

What does that mean for you? It means you can eat the food that you want to eat. It means you can smile confidently, and it means you can speak naturally and normally again, in less time.

‘One Day’ Is A Better Way

Dr. Ron was born with a congenitally missing tooth. As a result, he has personal experience with a variety of teeth replacement options. That also gave him a strong drive to find the best teeth replacements for his patients.

That included finding a better way to replace lost teeth, even if that meant coming up with his own approach. And that’s exactly what he did with the One Day Smile Solution™.

By coming to New Albany Implants, our team can provide you with a painless procedure. We are among the few practices in Indiana that can administer IV sedation for our patients. This will keep you pain-free as you get your new smile.

During one carefully planned day of treatment, we can remove teeth (if needed), place your implants, and secure your new smile, which we make at our in-house dental lab.

Act Now To Enjoy Many Tomorrows

Every year, Dr. Ron places more than 500 dental implants with a 98+ percent success rate.  It’s also why we offer a lifetime warranty on every implant placed at our office along with a five-year warranty on each dental restoration.

Talk to us if you’ve been told that you need a bone graft. Discover how you could revive your smile sooner at our New Albany, IN office. Call 888-469-3982 or contact us online.

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