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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

You Could Avoid A Bone Graft With Our Implants

You deserve to have a nice smile. You deserve to eat the foods that you enjoy.

You also deserve to get the benefits of dental implants as soon as possible.

But maybe you’ve been told that you don’t have enough bone to support implants. Or maybe you have been told that you need a bone graft before you can get implants.

Before you get discouraged about your teeth replacement options, we invite you to visit our dentist office in New Albany, IN.

With The One Day Smile Solution, you could restore your smile and your ability to eat with help from our own Dr. Ron Receveur.

You can find out more by calling (812) 945-7645 or by contacting us online to request a consultation at New Albany Implants.

Why Do Some Dentists Recommend Bone Grafts?

To understand why you may need a bone graft, it’s important to understand what happens when you lose teeth. Some things are obvious. Your smile doesn’t look the same. You may not be able to bite and chew as well as you once could. You may even sound different when you speak.

But there’s something else happening that you can’t see. Below your gumline, your bone is starting to shrink.

When you have teeth, the roots will push into your jawbone each time you bite or chew. That creates pressure, which stimulates the jawbone. Your jaw responds by creating new bone tissue. This replaces old tissue as it is reabsorbed.

If you don’t have teeth, you don’t have roots. If you don’t have roots, you don’t stimulate your jawbone. Without that pressure, your jaw does not make new bone tissue. Without new tissue, nothing replaces old tissue, and thus, your jaw gets smaller.

If you are interested in getting dental implants, this can be an issue. Implants can prevent further bone loss, but you must have enough bone mass to hold the implants in place.

If you don’t, then a dentist may recommend a bone graft. This is for all practical purposes a bone tissue transplant. This tissue is placed in your jaw. As you heal, the transplanted tissue and your existing tissue grow into one another.

In addition to the expense of the procedure, it can take six months or more for you to heal. This delays how long it can take for you to start enjoying the benefits of your implants.

How You Can Avoid A Bone Graft

By replacing your teeth as soon as possible, you are less likely to lose the bone tissue needed to secure dental implants in your jaw.

For better or worse, however, many people start with traditional dentures. The problem is that traditional dentures rest outside your gums. They are not connected to your jawbone. That means they may give you the appearance of a complete smile, but they won’t stop the bone loss occurring below the gumline.

This is why traditional dentures get looser the longer someone has them.

Even in this situation, a bone graft may not be necessary if you come to New Albany Implants for you procedure. It’s part of the reason Dr. Ron Receveur developed The One Day Smile Solution.

This is more than just simply placing implants in your jaw. It is a technique developed after learning from internationally renowned Dr. Paulo Malo, innovator of the All-On-4™ technique. (All-On-4™ is a registered trademark of Nobel BioCare Services AG.)

Through his never-ending education and decades of experience, Dr. Ron is able to place implants in a way that avoids the need for a bone graft. This means you can begin to enjoy the security and stability that come with having dental implants in less time.

It also means you can avoid the added cost and recovery time that come with a bone graft procedure in most cases.

Don’t Let A Bone Graft Slow You Down

If you are interested in replacement teeth — whether you need a dental bridge or dentures — then you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ron at our New Albany, IN, dentist office.

Dental implants can last a lifetime. They can made your dentures or dental bridge function practically as well as natural teeth. Implants also can help prevent the bone loss that causes problems for so many patients with traditional dentures or bridges.

Call (812) 945-7645 today, or contact us online. By requesting a consultation at New Albany Implants, you will be taking the first step toward restoring your smile and so much more!

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