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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Are You Ready For Permanent Dentures?

If you think your removable dentures are the only solutions to replace your missing teeth, you clearly haven’t explored your other options. No matter how comfortable and perfect-fitting your dentures are, they will soon become loose. Your bone height moves, requiring you to refit or replace your dentures altogether.

Despite the fragility and impermanence of dentures, there is a way to keep them for a very long time. Permanent dentures, also known as dental Implant, are currently the best option for replacing missing teeth. If you want something that looks natural and lasts a lifetime, this is the option that best suits your condition.

Restoring Your Teeth’s Function

Permanent dentures completely restore your mouth’s normal functioning. They look, feel, and function naturally. Our dentists install your implants deep in your jawbones, where they stay permanently. You do not have to worry about embarrassing situations. Your teeth will not shift positions or fall off because of a wrong bite. The implants also allow you to eat, talk, and smile as you normally would.

Preventing Dental Problems

As the implants are installed firmly into your jaw bone, there’s no need to attach them on the adjacent teeth or your gums. This helps prevent damage on your natural enamel and your gums. Losing your teeth also increases your risk for bone loss. When there are implants in place, however, you can prevent your jaw structure from eventually collapsing.

Bringing Back Your Confidence

When your teeth replacement is permanent and naturally functional, you have peace of mind and confidence to face the world. Instead of settling for ordinary dentures, get dental implants instead. They offer a wide range of benefits and bring you convenience unlike any other.

Call or visit our office today to learn about your options for dental implants. We will be more than happy to give you an assessment and answer all your questions and concerns.

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