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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

A Gentle Dental Implant Experience In Indiana

Hello and welcome to another installment of the New Albany Implants blog!

We are your trusted source for sleep dentistry and dental implant procedures in Southern Indiana. If you are living with the aftermath of tooth loss as an adult, we can help you pick up the pieces of your life with a permanent restorative treatment. And, unlike some of the other offices in the area, we will go to great lengths to make it easy for you to get the care you need.

We thought it would be a good idea to outline what a gentle dental implant experience looks like in today’s post. When you are finished reading, be sure to get in-touch with our team to schedule your complimentary consultation. Easy enough, right?

A Pain-Free Process

If you are the least bit apprehensive about the minor surgical procedure that is required to place your dental implant, we can set you up with sedation dentistry as well as the most advanced anesthesia methods (aka sleep dentistry) while you are here.

In order to really appreciate the sort of range we are qualified to provide, you’d normally have to go to the hospital to find comparable options. With us on your side, you will be numb, and perhaps even asleep for the proceedings.

Unparalleled Experience

You may not know that our leader, Dr. Ron, had a personal encounter with missing teeth early in life, and has since accrued years of study along with hands-on experience placing dental implants.

It would be difficult to locate another dentist in New Albany who has studied with some of the pioneers of implant dentistry.

This means that that you’re in a place that knows how to handle your situation.

We Do It In-House

Outsourcing is a fact of life at many other dental offices. Not here! Your imaging, modeling, placement, are all performed by the team you already know and trust.

The real benefit to you is that we can control both the quality and the costs of your dental implant solution.

You Can Go Home With Teeth In One Day

Don’t want to wait a few months for a more complete smile? No problem! Our One Day Smile Solution will take you from getting implants placed to having a full set of permanent teeth all in the same visit.

We Love Tough Cases

Don’t get discouraged if other dentists have told you that you don’t have enough bone mass for implants, because we usually disagree.

With the help of new technologies, we are able to reliably place dental implants into some of the toughest situations.

We Treat You Like Our Own Family

You won’t get treated like you are on a used car lot. There’s one thing that we pride ourselves on at New Albany Implants: we never do work on you that we wouldn’t do for a member of our own families.

If we don’t think a treatment will deliver great results for you, we’ll figure out a solution that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Scared of making such a major investment in your smile? All of our dental implants come with peace of mind in the form of a ten-year “no worry” warranty. In that period of time, if your implant should fail from normal use, we’ll replace it without stipulation.

We guarantee that you will be able to look better, feel better, smile without worry, and eat with confidence from this time on.

You Make The Call!

Thanks for reading about all that we can do for you. We hope that you have been inspired to restore your smile the easy way! All you have to do is take the next step and get in-touch with our team.

Contact us online or by calling (812) 945-7645 to schedule your free dental implant consultation at New Albany Implants of New Albany, Indiana!

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