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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

5 Great Reasons To Ditch Your Dentures!

Did you know that dentures have existed in one form or another for over 2000 years? They’ve been made of ivory, animal bone, the teeth of fallen soldiers, beeswax, and even iron! No matter the era in history there’s always been one thing that’s been the same: they just don’t stay in place! Dentures slip, slide, and fall out for most every patients we see at New Albany Implants and that leaves them all wanting a better solution.

We have the way out for patients tired of dentures: dental implant solutions that replace all your teeth permanently. We’re talking fixed in place false teeth that you never have to worry about removing at night or treating any differently than your natural ones. You’ll be amazed at how great you look, feel, and live. Here’s five great reasons to ditch your dentures at New Albany Implants!

#1: Eat Your Favorite Foods

How much time do you spend planning meals around your dentures? If the answer is like a lot of our other patients the answer is TOO MUCH! Because of the restrictions on your available foods you have to be careful not to eat something – especially in public – that will cause your dentures to fall out!

With full mouth implant bridges you’ll be able to eat everything you used to, with very little exception. When you go out for meals with friends and family you’ll be able to pick whatever you want off the menu and just enjoy your time without constantly thinking of your dentures!

#2 Be Healthier

Your diet is an important part of your health, and like we mentioned in point #1 it’s hard to have a good one with dentures! When we anchor a full mouth bridge for you and you can eat all the foods you’ve been missing you’ll be free to improve your diet and be healthier than you ever were with dentures!

A better diet can give you a longer life expectancy, eliminate depression, give you more energy, and improve your quality of life. You’ll just be living better with a permanent set of implant bridges!

#3: No More Gum Irritation

How many times have you had to take your dentures out or try some other treatment to ease the pain and discomfort of chewing? Your gums aren’t meant to handle all the force your dentures put on them – that’s what teeth are for!

When you have a full mouth bridge supported by four dental implants all the forces of chewing and eating will be distributed to those implants. They’re designed to bear the weight and force just like natural teeth, eliminating gum irritation and helping your implants feel natural!

#4: Speak And Smile Better Than Ever Before

Tired of having your palate covered by dentures? We don’t blame you! Not only does it keep you from tasting your food but it also makes it harder to speak too! And dentures also make smiling difficult, especially if you want to show off a beautiful, natural one.

Our fixed bridges don’t have either of those problems. You’ll be able to smile and look perfectly natural, speak without worrying about the roof of your mouth being covered, and as a bonus you’ll be able to taste food better than you ever could with dentures!

#5: Enjoy Life To Its Fullest

It’s hard to tell sometimes whether you’re wearing your dentures or whether they’re wearing you. You spend so much time focusing on whether they’re sturdy, comfortable, going to fall out, or any other number of problems that they take up far more of your time than they deserve to!

For a product that is supposed to provide such great relief they sure do cause a lot of anxiety, and you don’t deserve any of it. We want you to experience the joy, comfort, and confidence that come with a full set of permanent teeth. In just a single procedure at our New Albany dentist office we can have you in set of fixed teeth that you’ll be able to use immediately. Aside from a bit of sensitivity in the few weeks following your procedure you’ll find healing easy, fast, and relatively painless.

You owe it to yourself to find a better solution to your tooth loss, and we have that solution. Call New Albany Implants today at (812) 945-7645 for a no-pressure dental implant consultation. You can also request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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