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At this point, I know little, if anything about you or your specific reason for requesting this booklet. What I do know, however, is that you, or someone you know is dealing with serious dental issues that are greatly affecting the quality of their life.
I wrote this booklet with the intention of helping people just like that.

As you go through the booklet, you’ll find my best attempts to help you navigate through the maze that is the world of dental implants. Given my decades of experience in the dental profession, even a short booklet like this contains enough real world advice to move you closer to the right solution for you.

Understand that that is the goal. Not to find the “best” solution, but to find the “best solution for you.” Those are often two very different things.
As you read through the booklet, you’re going to hear me reveal a little bit about my history and my experience with dental implants. You’ll meet some of the patients I’ve been privileged to help. Please don’t misunderstand this as an attempt to show you how “great” I am. Nor is it my attempt to sell you on what I have.

Frankly, the chances of us being a good fit are fairly low. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be of assistance to you anyway.


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Should what you discover lead you to additional questions or concerns, complete instructions for getting any additional information you may need are included in the booklet.

I wish you the best on your journey towards a future of having a smile you are proud to show the world!

Best wishes,
Ronald L. Receveur, DDS
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